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Selling a house is typically not a quick process. Instead, it can easily last several months or even a whole year. There are several factors that can impact the length of time it takes to sell a house. When you need to sell your house fast, this can be extremely inconvenient. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have options to enable you to get your house sold quickly. Learn more about the time it takes to sell a house on the rest of this page!

Do You Have a Realistic Timeline for Selling Your House?

If you haven’t ever gone through the full process of selling a house before, then you might not know just how long it takes. Owning a house definitely means that you’ve experienced the buying process before, which does take some time, but it doesn’t compare to how long it takes to sell a house

When you are buying a house, you typically only deal with a few parts during the process of a home exchanging ownership. You do need to take an initial walkthrough of the house, negotiate an offer price, and do everything that goes along with closing. This alone will typically take you at least one month, but up to three or more is fairly common too. 

Let’s assume that it takes you six weeks to buy a house from the first time you became aware of it, whether that is online or through an agent. To actually sell a house, you can easily double or even triple that duration depending on the market and condition of your house. If you were hoping to sell your house in a matter of days or weeks, that just won’t happen unless circumstances are perfect and you get a little lucky. 

This means that you can expect the entire process of selling your house to take anywhere between 2-6 months in Indianapolis. This length can vary greatly based on the condition of your home, the exact location it is in, your asking price, and how well it has been marketed. 

Why is Selling a House So Time-Consuming?

2-6 months is a great deal of time, especially when it involves something as important as your living situation. If you are truly ready to sell your house, then you likely have another residence lined up to easily move to. This can be especially frustrating if you end up paying rent on top of a mortgage or even two mortgages.

Understanding why the process takes so long requires you to think about what selling a house really entails. First of all, a significant amount of money is involved. The average home price in Indianapolis is roughly $150,000. The average household income for Indy is fairly similar to the U.S. average of $60,000, so this equates to about 2.5 full years of income for the value of a house.

This doesn’t take into account taxes that you’ll pay or any bills and living costs. It is far more realistic to take several years to fully pay a house off, which is a major time investment. Something like a house that will require a lot of time and money to own is a big commitment for anyone. 

If a potential buyer is going to agree to commit to a house both financially and timewise, then they will definitely have high standards for what they want. It certainly isn’t a situation where just any house will do

Expectations for the Selling Process

What does this mean for you when you’re trying to sell a house? It typically means that you’ll need to have your house in a condition ready for your average buyer. This can include actions like repairs, remodeling, renovations, and minor cosmetic touches. These are all things that you’ll need to tend to before listing your house for sale.

Once you do put your house up for sale, then you’ll need to wait for buyers to show their interest. Depending on how you decide to market your home will play a big role here because your house just won’t receive any attention if potential buyers don’t know that it exists or is available.

After making your house listing easy to access, you’ll need to show it off to potential buyers. You’ll likely receive a number of offers, but it will then be up to you to negotiate and decide who will buy your house. This is where the exclusively selling portion of the process ends, and you can now tack on the time it would usually take to buy a house.  

As you can see, there are several responsibilities that you have as a seller. All of this will take time and can easily add up to months. If time is not a resource that you can afford to spend, then you’ll definitely need someone who will buy your house quickly. At this point, you should turn to companies willing to buy houses in any condition and fast. Look for a local, reputable company so you can a fast cash offer with no strings attached.

We Buy Houses With a Fast Cash Offer!

The timeline associated with selling an Indianapolis home can range from 2-6 months, although there are many factors that influence this. Selling a house takes so long because it requires a major commitment from any potential buyer. This comes with the understanding that buyers will accordingly be picky about what house they decide to make an offer on. Combine the time it takes to prepare a house for sale, wait for interest, negotiate a price, and complete closing, and you can see why it takes so long to sell a house.

Is your top priority getting your house sold fast? Trying to sell your home on the open market will take several months, something you can’t afford to wait through. You can skip this wait entirely by selling your house directly to a cash buyer like Ben Buys Indy Houses. We buy houses all around Indianapolis and simply want to help you move forward with your life! Do yourself a favor and get in contact with us today to receive your fast cash offer!

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