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We buy houses in Lawrence, Indiana and surrounding areas.Chances are, you have seen brightly colored signs on street corners advertising an opportunity to sell your ugly house or stating, “We buy houses.” In Lawrence, you may see similar lines in the newspaper or even hear it on the radio or television. Due to a range of factors like an impending divorce or the need to renovate your home, you may choose to sell it and are motivated to do so quickly. In that case, we buy houses in Lawrence, Indiana, and would love to speak with you about your home.

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We buy houses FOR CASH in Lawrence, IN

Every situation, like every home, is different. What matters most is that if you desire to sell your home, we want to buy it. For Lawrence homeowners, that means you can get cash for your house without the headaches and time-consuming processes of selling the home to another home buyer by yourself or enlisting an agent to do it for you. Furthermore, you can sell your house as-is, which is efficient and easy to do. There is no need to fix a leaky roof or faucet. You won’t even have to call an exterminator to rid your attic of the rodents that have infested it. Even if your home has foundation issues, we will buy it. Houses in Lawrence are listed weekly for a wide number of reasons. No matter what yours is, we want the opportunity to help and give you an offer.

At Ben Buys Houses, our mission is to provide thousands of Central Indiana homeowners every year with the crucial knowledge necessary when selecting a partner to sell their house.

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Why Work With A Local Lawrence Home Buyer?

What’s in it for us, you ask? Obviously, we buy houses in Lawrence, Indiana, and surrounding areas because it is our business. We are not in this industry for charity, so you will not need to be suspicious of an offer that sounds too good to be true. We are fair in our evaluations and will make a cash offer that is designed to appeal to your needs.

In addition, we want you to get fast cash on a fair offer. Simple as that. Your house could be in tip-top shape, or the roof and paint have seen better days; doesn’t matter the condition of your house.

Selling a house for cash eliminates many of the potential problems that come up with deals that require financing. When you have to deal with a buyer’s mortgage lender, there are always hiccups along the way, regardless of how carefully everything is planned out. Unfortunately, any one of those hiccups can result in a failed transaction. But, when you sell your house for cash, the process is quick and pain-free.


We believe it is important for you to feel trust and comfort when selling your Lawrence house.

We aim to be a trustworthy partner in this transaction and are completely transparent in our intentions from the very beginning. If you choose to sell your home, it is important to find a buyer you can trust.

We will offer an open line of communication and will follow up with you regularly throughout the process.

We are honest and upfront and aim to be someone you would refer to as a friend in a similar situation.

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What is Contingent Status?

The property owner with a contingent status has accepted an offer from a buyer who has agreed to specific terms before purchasing the property. Either the buyer or the seller must meet certain conditions for the deal to go smoothly. These conditions can include anything deemed necessary to protect both parties. However, contingent sales can still fall through. Keep reading to learn what to expect from selling a property on contingency.

Selling a Contingent Property

Many first-time homebuyers must sell their existing home to afford their new home. So, a sale and settlement contingency requires the buyer to sell their current home before closing on their new home.

Soliciting sellers to agree to a sale and settlement contingency is common. The seller can back out if a better offer comes along while the buyer is still trying to sell their home. A settlement contingency states that the buyer’s purchase will only go through if the seller’s sale does. Many real estate contracts contain a settlement contingency because the buyers plan to use the money from selling their existing home to buy a new one.

There are numerous contingencies in the real estate industry, each with obligations and requirements. Identifying the type of contingency will help you assess the likelihood of the home closing. Fortunately, there is an alternative. For example, you can work with Ben Buys Indy Houses if you want to sell your home fast without waiting for someone to sell your existing home. Likewise, when dealing with cash buyers, you needn’t worry about stalling the sale of your property due to a contingency.

How the Buying Process Works

Even without a contingency, you can face delays waiting for a buyer to obtain a mortgage loan. Most buyers will obtain a mortgage preapproval letter from a lender before buying a home. However, a mortgage contingency often involves buyers who walk away from a home they want to buy. The pre-approval letter may be worthless if the buyer misinterprets their assets, income, or whether or not they paid their taxes the previous year.

The low-interest rates allow almost anyone to qualify for a home loan. However, when the market turns and interest rates rise, the number of contingency contracts that fail will increase dramatically.

Contingencies protect a buyer but not a seller who already has a contract and a closing date for their current home. Because the property is not officially sold until the closing, the contingency protects the buyer in the event of a sale failure. Due to contractual obligations, the seller cannot accept any other offers on the property for a specified period.

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Property Investment - We’re Here to Help

Cash payments are better for sellers to offer buyers because they accelerate the closing time and eliminate the stress of waiting for their buyers to get funding from a mortgage lender or other financial institution. 

How much faster can a cash offer on a house close?
Cash offers speed up the process

Closing times for cash payments are often 66-75% faster than standard mortgage closing times. Cash buyers and sellers can close a deal in 1-2 weeks instead of the usual 30-45 days.

Mortgage stumbling blocks commonly impact buyers, regularly causing house deals to fall through after an investment in time and paperwork. In some cases, unexpectedly low appraisal values can cause a mortgage lender to cancel a contract. In other cases, during the paperwork process, situations change in the buyer’s life, causing their mortgage application to be denied, or else they pull out of the deal. When a deal falls apart, the seller starts over, having wasted valuable time and energy.

Selling As-Is

Dealing with a cash buyer can also be advantageous if the seller’s property is a fixer-upper. In many cases, the cash buyer is more willing to accept the property as-is, whereas buyers getting financing are more likely to negotiate for fixes in their deals. Getting estimates on repairs and negotiating the terms of an agreement also slows down the process of completing a sale.

When evaluating cash offers, it’s important to also factor in transactional savings. Cash buyers lower real estate and closing costs. Cash offers also lower some agent fees, and eliminate all lender-related fees, including appraisals, as well as some transaction fees.

In the end, with a cash buyer, a seller can rely on the house deal going through hassle-free, without complications, and then get their money faster.

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Lawrence, IN
Lawrence is the county seat of Marion County, Indiana, and it’s home to Fort Benjamin Harrison, a national historic landmark located within Fort Harrison State Park. Additionally, the city has 46,001 residents and lies northeast of Indianapolis. Summers here are hot and humid, while winters are mild to cold. Lawrence has a humid continental climate with hot summers and abundant precipitation all year. While you may love living in Lawrence, you might not want to keep the property you live in, inherited, or otherwise acquired. That’s when a cash home buyer can come in handy. Major employers in Lawrence include GM Powertrain and Stone Belt, and there are several big-box stores, including Walmart and Lowe’s, that hire Lawrence residents. Healthcare and education are also thriving industries in the city. For those looking for cultural opportunities, the Spencer Museum of Art has objects from around the world, and scenic Clinton Lake provides a great backdrop for a day of fun with family and friends. As an Indianapolis suburb, Lawrence offers all the amenities of a large city without the hustle and bustle of living downtown. Although many people living in Lawrence work and play in Indianapolis, they can also enjoy quiet suburban living when they want to move a little slower.
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Ben personally guarantees to beat offers you receive from other investors. If he cannot beat a closed offer you receive from another investor, he will personally write you a check for $1000.

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