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If you’ve done much research into what makes for a successful house sale, then you likely know that the kitchen and main bathroom are the two most important rooms for a potential buyer. Not only are these areas expensive to upgrade, but they are also where potential buyers would spend a great amount of time. Having either room outdated or in poor condition can certainly make it difficult to sell your house. We’ve got more on that below.

The Two Most Important Rooms in Your House

When house buyers are taking a look at your home, there’s no question that every aspect of your house is definitely a factor as to whether they want to buy it. They look at the front of your house and also the backyard. This means the exterior must be in good condition because it often gives the first impression.

House buyers pay more attention to the interior of your house because this is where they will actually spend the majority of their time. The number of bedrooms and what they look like is definitely important. It’s often the biggest determiner for several buyers. However, there are two other areas of your house that matter more for most potential buyers. This includes your kitchen and main bathroom.

Why the Kitchen Matters

Let’s start with the kitchen. To understand why it matters so much, you must first think about what the kitchen is used for. Obviously, it’s used for cooking and food storage. But have you ever thought about what this really entails?

Most modern kitchens include several appliances. At a minimum, this typically includes an oven and range with an accompanying vent, a refrigerator with a freezer, a dishwasher, and a microwave. These items are individually expensive – and that’s just for a basic model without many features. With so many new technologies and features available in modern appliances, most home buyers want a kitchen equipped with these capabilities. 

Take things a step further by looking at fixtures. This mainly includes cabinet storage space, countertops, a sink, and, oftentimes, a pantry. Simply having all of these fixtures is a necessity (besides a pantry, but many buyers prefer having a pantry), but they also need to match what buyers are looking for. Many buyers want to have a lot of storage space, a big sink, and sleek countertops like granite. 

Kitchens should also be generally spacious, which isn’t an easy thing for you to fix. To change something like size, you would definitely need to remodel. Above everything else, a kitchen should be extremely inviting and an area where potential buyers would love to be. Having a kitchen that isn’t in this condition will turn many buyers away.    

Why the Main Bathroom Also Matters

Now let’s discuss the main bathroom. Depending on the size of your house, you will definitely have at least one bathroom, but upwards of three or even four aren’t out of the question. Potential buyers will definitely pay special attention to the main bathroom, which is the one connected or closest to the master bedroom. 

The reason for this is that this is the bathroom they will likely use most. You probably understand this well, as it is likely the bathroom you’ve spent the most time in. At a bare minimum, your master bathroom should have a shower, sink with counter space, toilet, and cabinet space.

Looking deeper, having a shower and a tub, two sinks with an abundance of counter space, and plenty of storage is usually what buyers are looking for. The overall size of the bathroom also matters because buyers won’t want to feel cramped when they are most vulnerable. A master bathroom should feel very comfortable and private. If your bathroom is not in this condition, then it can easily be a dealbreaker for many buyers. 

How Does A Poor Kitchen or Bathroom Affect Selling Potential?

With all of this information in mind, the question of whether a master bathroom and kitchen in poor condition will impact your ability to sell is very easy to answer. Most buyers absolutely will not buy a house with a subpar kitchen and master bathroom. 

This can be extremely frustrating because you may feel that a remodel and renovations are required to get your house sold. If you try to sell your house on the open market, this is likely the case because most buyers aren’t looking to purchase a house as is. The prospect of spending more money on top of everything included with actually buying a house can send many potential buyers running.

That doesn’t mean that you are completely out of luck, though. Instead, you’ll need to specifically look for a buyer who will buy your house as is. There are many cash buyers around who are willing to buy your house in any condition, which means a successful house sale for you! Even better, a cash buyer will typically make the selling process easy and fast, meaning quick cash for you!

A Local Company that Buys Houses in Any Condition!

Every feature of your house is important to a potential buyer, but most focus their attention on your master bathroom and kitchen. Many buyers have strong preferences on how these areas should look, which means that having either in bad condition will turn buyers away. Without significant upgrades or remodeling, your house doesn’t have a good chance of selling on the open market. That means you should look for a cash buyer instead to successfully get your house sold.

Have a house to sell in questionable condition in Indianapolis or the greater surrounding areas? Ben Buys Indy Houses wants it no matter what the situation is like in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else on the property. We can find value in every single home and give you an excellent cash offer. Don’t waste your time or money on repairs and replacement – just give us a call instead!

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