What Condition Should You Sell Your House In?

Have you been holding back from selling your house because of the condition it is in? If you have, then you should know that you can actually sell a house in any condition! Houses in poor condition are worth less. But they absolutely still have value! It can be difficult to decide whether you should sell as-is or remodel. Check out the rest of this guide to help make that decision easier!

Housing Can Come in All Different Conditions

Throughout the duration of living in your house, you’ll inevitably cause some damage here and there. This can definitely affect the value of your house. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth selling as-is. You can remodel and fix anything that needs repair, but this can be expensive. It’s difficult to guarantee that you’ll make a profit on remodeling or fixing a house. So it’s much easier to cut your losses and sell it as-is.

Condition Affects Value and Salability

There’s no question that the condition of your house affects both the value and salability of your home. Most homeowners opt to sell using a realtor. Realtors are fantastic for selling homes in good condition. On the other side, they can get quite expensive. This can make it fairly difficult to make a fair profit when selling a house in less-than-great shape.

Is it Worth Fixing Up?

You’re probably wondering if your house is worth trying to fix. This ultimately depends on how much effort you want to put into selling the house. Repairs are not only expensive but quite time-consuming. You absolutely can see a return on having repairs made to your house before selling. But you have to be smart and active about it. 

If you want to fix up your house, you’ll need to find reliable repairmen who give you an accurate quote. Finding good repairmen can be difficult, which will cost you a lot of money and stress. Furthermore, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting fair prices that justify completing the repair. If you think a repair will result in an increase in house value beyond what it costs to have it done, then it is worth paying for. 

Why to Sell As-Is?

While repairs may be worth their cost, many times they just aren’t worth the hassle they bring. Not only might you struggle to find a quality repairman, but there are several other great reasons to sell your home as-is to Ben Buys Indy Homes! Here’s why you should sell to us:

  • Fast Cash – If you’re in need of fast cash, you might not think a home in poor condition could do it. Selling with a realtor certainly wouldn’t be quick, but at Ben Buys Indy Homes, you’ll receive an ultra-fast and competitive offer on any house in any condition! Just provide us with your address and other basic information about your Indianapolis home, and we’ll give you a great quote, putting money in your pocket ASAP! 
  • Save Time – Another great benefit is you’ll save a ton of time! Selling a house can take months, during which you’ll be required to work with a realtor and screen through viewings and offers. Selling as-is to us will eliminate this entirely. This is a great way of cutting ties entirely with a rundown house while still making some money out of it.
  • No Stress – If you’ve ever gone through the process of selling a house, then you know just how stressful it can be! Your entire future hinges upon someone buying the house, and who knows when that could be? Selling your house as-is lets you avoid waiting for someone else to make a decision, letting you get on with your life!
  • Any Condition Goes – We’ll buy houses in any condition you can think of! Many people don’t think to sell their house because they don’t think it is nice enough and don’t care to fix it. We can find value in any house, giving you a fair offer that simply won’t be beaten!

Homes to Sell As-Is

Here are some types of homes you can sell as-is:

  • Old & Outdated – Modern housing trends are far different from what old houses offer. One of the biggest housing desires for Millennials is modern appliances and technology, something that inherently just won’t be in an old house. Most old houses require a remodel before they can be sold, unless it has significant time-period value. 
  • Needs Repair – If your house has damage, or especially if you have appliances that don’t work, your house is going to lose significant value. Repairing them can be worth it, but it is always a gamble whether your investment will result in a higher sale price.
  • Downright Ugly – Sometimes you have a house that you loved at first because you thought it was quirky, but you’ve slowly come to hate it. Why? Because it’s an absolute eyesore! Maybe it wasn’t always that way, but perhaps it has an odd paint color, maybe it became overrun with moss, or maybe it has an awkward design. 
  • Rentals & Inheritances – Sometimes you’ll encounter a situation where you have an extra property you don’t actually need. Maybe you inherited it from a family, or you were using it as a rental. If you aren’t directly invested in the house, why spend the time to try and improve it?

The Easiest Way to Sell Your House As-Is!

The condition of your house absolutely affects its value and salability. While you certainly can fix your house up before you sell, the time and money you’ll need to do so just isn’t worth the effort! Opting to decide your house as-is instead will allow you to receive fast cash, save time, eliminate stress, and unload a house in any condition! Whether your house is old, needs repair, looks awful, or isn’t your main property, you can sell it as-is!

If you have a home in poor or rundown shape in the Indianapolis area, rest assured because you can still get great value for it! Just get in contact with us at Ben Buys Indy Homes to receive an amazing offer for your home in as-is condition! Make a clean break and enjoy your cash by selling as-is to Ben Buys Indy Homes!

What Shape Should You Sell Your House In?

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