The Busy Person’s Guide to Selling a Home Quickly

As a person with responsibilities, selling your house is a challenge. That’s why today we’re offering the busy person’s guide to selling a home quickly.

No matter what you do for a living, the importance of delegation cannot be overstated. Delegating complex and tedious tasks to others so that you can better spend your time at work seeing to the big picture details is crucial to success. Busy people are busy because they are managing their workflow efficiently across all stakeholders.

The same principles apply to selling your home quickly: you need to delegate the work to others to save time and get the results you need fast. Here are some ways you can use delegation to sell your home quickly without losing your sanity or taking away from your personal time or family time.

The Busy Person’s Guide to Selling a Home Quickly

#1 Always Hire a Realtor

Selling a home is a complex legal and financial affair. It is not for amateurs, and even those that wish to try often find they have to invest a tremendous amount of time and effort to get results. You need a serious and experienced professional. You wouldn’t trust your murder trial to a first year law student, nor would you trust a cardiac bypass operation to a first year medical student. Don’t delegate to an amateur, find an experienced professional to help you make things happen fast and take the work of selling your home off of your shoulders.

#2 Request a Smart Lock Box

There are many lockboxes available for realtors to show a home. Some are wireless phone enabled and can collect a visitors’ information when they access the lockbox via phone or swipe card for a showing of the house. Others are as simple as an artificial rock with a key compartment inside. You want the former type of lockbox to help you pursue those interested buyers with the aggregate data that their swipe card gives you. Knowing who is viewing your home helps your realtor adjust their strategy to market directly to the most interested buyers.

#3 Consider Hiring a Stager

Stagers are interior designers who specialize in arranging your furniture and fixtures of your home to be more appealing to visiting buyers. They design and implement the perfect use of space and decoration with your existing furniture. This helps potential buyers see what your home would look like if they were living in it. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, staged homes close 90% faster than homes which are not professionally staged. Hiring a stager does incur an expense, but that money is easily recovered in utilities savings if you sell your home quickly.

#4 Use a Professional Cleaning Service

Deep cleaning your own home is a serious investment of time. Think about everything that needs a thorough going over in your home: the too often neglected baseboards, the grimy venetian blinds, the interior and exterior of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Bathtubs and showers always require the most work, and getting them showing ready can be true drudgery. If you hire a pro to get the initial cleaning done, it is a simple matter of light cleaning to keep things tidy until your house sells. If even that sounds like too much effort, consider a weekly cleaning crew visit for your home.

When visitors see your pristine home, they will find it to be a more attractive offering. They will also be more inclined to choose the cleaner, potentially more expensive house over the less pricey, messy house. The cleaner your house, the faster it will sell.

#5 Use a Landscaping Service

While most buyer’s are primarily concerned about the interior of your home, your sparkling clean and inviting home won’t mean squat if the realtor must machete their way through the underbrush to reach the front door. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but your home’s exterior appearance is your potential buyer’s first impression. A good landscaper can easily help you out with that problem.

Start by ordering a full service visit from a landscaper when you are ready to put your house on the market: have the landscaper rake up yard debris, plant fresh flowers in flower beds, trim the trees, have the windows washed, and pressure wash the siding and driveway too.

After that, you can easily keep up with the lawn and garden work yourself. Just ask for a maintenance visit from your landscaper to keep your home’s exterior in the best possible condition.

Bottom Line

All in all, selling your home quickly is a fairly easy task provided you understand the importance of delegation. If a professional can get it done better and faster than you, they are well worth the money you invest in them.  This principle of delegation applies to your realtor, your cleaning service, and your landscaper. If you want to sell your home quickly, delegate effectively and let the pros handle the heavy lifting. You will never be disappointed in the results.

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