Increase Your Viewings By Considering These Three Simple Actions

If you have been looking to find a buyer for your home for a while now, there are three simple things you can do today to get more viewings. Ben Buys Indy Houses knows its way around the real estate game, so perhaps there is a strategy on this page that will be very beneficial to you and your property.

Three Simple Things You Can Do Today to Get More Viewings


The pictures of your home in your property listing could turn people off if they are not all that professional. There are many ways that photos do not do your home any justice, and they include:

  • Grainy pictures
  • Too small of size
  • Not enough lighting
  • Too much artificial lighting
  • Photos don’t reveal enough of the room
  • Photos show clutter inside of rooms

There are many different tips for taking photographs of your home for sale, but you should hire a professional photographer that has enough skill and expertise to take photos the proper way with a high-grade camera. But if you insist on taking the photos yourself, you should consider buying or renting a professional camera so that the quality is impressive.

Other things to consider while taking pictures is that the rooms need to be completely tidy and clean. There should be no paperwork on tables, no food dishes out, and no toys on the floor. It is also important to use natural lighting to your advantage, as light from the sun is the best kind that you can use. Only use artificial lighting if your rooms are still too dark during the day. If you experience cloudy or rainy weather, consider rescheduling the shoot to a day that is sunny.

Change Your Price

What we mean by changing your price, is to not necessarily base it on a fixed value.

Some homeowners simply reduce their asking price by just two or three percent, which does not really make home buyers go out of their way to take a closer look at the home. If you are selling a home for 80 grand, tacking off five-thousand dollars won’t take away the fact that it is a very expensive place to buy for many. All the people interested in buying a home for such a price likely have already done so.

There’s a trick you can implement here in order to attract more home buyers, though. That is by mentioning an “offers over” price. Rather than having an asking price, you can say that you accept “offer over” a money amount, such as sixty or seventy thousand dollars. That way, you can attract more homebuyers that are willing to pay a much smaller amount, and it is your job to try convincing them to buy higher, while they try convincing you to sell lower.

Hire A (New) Real Estate Agent

If you do not have an agent, or your current agent isn’t working out, then you know that it is time for a change.

If you do not have a real estate agent, you might assume that they are a waste of money, and you can sell a home without one. While it is possible to do so, you need to do all the work, which includes:

  • Presenting your listing professionally
  • Creating your own legal proceedings
  • Marketing the home to the public
  • Negotiating with home buyers
  • Handling the closing process
  • Home cleaning and inspection
  • And even finding the time to do all of these tasks at hand

It takes the talent of a real estate agent to sell a home, and if you do not have an agent, you need the knowledge of one. People get educated and earn degrees just to work in the real estate business, and it is nothing that you can learn by hitting the books night after night. Learning how to sell homes it a whole new career entirely.

Perhaps you do have an agent, but you have been on the market with your home for months. Sometimes, you need to consider firing the agent and look for a new one. Your agent just might not have the power or charisma to talk a home buyer into making a deal. Or maybe he or she is not working hard enough to market your home or maintain it while it is for sale.

That is okay, though. If your agent has tried all that he or she can to make the home appealing, including holding numerous events and lowering the price, sometimes the agent just doesn’t go well with the home. Some agents are better suited for certain homes than others. Some are even known to only sell homes in a certain area, sell homes of a certain kind, and even sell homes in certain formats. Sometimes, finding the right agent is all you need to help your home become more marketable to the public.

These are three helpful suggestions you can try, in order to get more viewing of your property, courtesy of Ben Buys Indy Houses.

Three Simple Things You Can Do Today to Get More Viewings

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