Should I Get a Home Warranty?

Owning a home is a huge responsibility that has its fair share of problems along the way. No homeowner is immune to unexpected issues that arise and need to be addressed. Thus it could benefit from getting a home warranty. Ignoring these issues can result in disaster down the line. But these issues can also be expensive to fix. Keep reading to learn about why getting a home warranty is a great idea.

Why Is Getting a Home Warranty so Important?

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a form of protection for your home that is different than standard home insurance. A home warranty protects your home’s appliances and systems as they age and begin to have the potential to malfunction. So, it can be a great help if you need to replace your hot water heater or refrigerator unexpectedly.

How Does a Home Warranty Work

All home warranty policies are a bit different, depending on the terms of the agreement. But, in most cases, you need to pay a monthly premium. That premium is determined by the size of your house and the items you want covered. When something in your house breaks, you can contact the company that holds the warranty. You will be responsible for paying a predetermined deductible, just like you would with an insurance claim. Then the company that holds the warranty will send someone out to make the repair or replace the item at no further cost to you.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the biggest benefit you can get when you buy a home warranty is peace of mind. Having it guarantees that if an unexpected expense comes up for the house, you can afford to fix it. And no matter how big it is. It’s much easier on the wallet to have to pay a nominal deductible than to have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair or replace a major component of your home.


Having a home warranty is also a huge convenience. When something breaks down, you don’t have to spend precious time trying to figure out who to call so you can get a good deal and get the job done quickly. That stress is taken totally out of your hands since all you need to do is call the holder of the warranty to report the issue. They will take care of all the decision-making for you and send out who they want to fix or replace the appliance.

Getting a Home Warranty Helps People who are not Handy

Home warranties are great for people who are not handy. Repairing the major appliances and systems in a house is not always easy. Most people do not have the knowledge or skills to get the job done properly. It’s far better to have a warranty at your disposal. Thus, to have someone do the work who knows how than to risk doing it yourself and making the situation worse.

Help for People who do not Know Contractors

It’s great to have a large inner circle where you have access to every type of handy person you may ever need. But most people are simply not that lucky. If you don’t have easy access to someone who can fix your oven, dishwasher, HVAC system, and every other major appliance or system in your house, then you will truly benefit from having a home warranty at your disposal. If you don’t know someone who can fix the major items in your home or simply cannot wait for a service person to come out and do the job, you can easily call your home warranty service and have them take care of everything for you.

Great for People with Expensive Taste in Appliances

Appliances can be expensive at their basic level. But, when a homeowner has expensive taste in appliances, the cost can go way up. Unfortunately, super-expensive home appliances do not come with a guarantee that they will never need a repair. But, repairing these appliances also has a high price tag. If you have a home warranty, you can more easily afford to pay for the repair or replacement. That is because all you will have to cover is your deductible. But, if you do not have the security of a home warranty, the cost to repair or replace your expensive appliance can really be a huge hit to your pocketbook.

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Should I Be Getting a Home Warranty?

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