How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

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Winter is almost behind us, and it’s just about time to prepare your yard for spring. As much as we wish that it was true, having a fabulous lawn throughout the spring and summer does not magically happen without work. As the first few days of spring arrive, homeowners need to get outside and be proactive now so their lawns look great when the weather is warm. Here are some helpful tips you can do now to prepare your yard for spring.

Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Check your Equipment

Before you head outside to get your lawn ready for spring, take a few moments to assess your tools. It’s easy for your lawnmower and other tools to get out of working condition as they sit unused and un-thought-of all winter. You will be using these tools all spring and summer. So now is the time to determine if you need to repair or replace anything. It’s far better to know now if you need a new lawnmower than figure it out when it dies out when you are trying to cut your lawn.

Clean Up

Over the winter, plenty of debris including leaves and stray branches has been piling up. Thus now you have a chance to get rid of all of it. All you need is a rake or leaf blower to make the job easier and faster. Taking this step now will help to ensure all of your other efforts will go smoothly.

Test Your Soil

The key to having a healthy yard is having the proper pH balance. Knowing where your lawn falls on the scale will provide you with the information you need to take the right steps to make it perfect.

Apply fertilizer

Spread a combination of fertilizer and pre-emergent around your yard. The fertilizer will help healthy grass grow, and the pre-emergent will keep crabgrass away. About six weeks after your first application, apply another one, along with a broadleaf weed killer. While you are fertilizing your lawn and protecting it from weed growth, don’t forget to do the same for your plants and flowers.

Fill in Bare Spots

If your yard has any bare or thin spots, treat those areas with care. Put extra grass seed and fertilizer down on those spots so they can catch up to the rest of your lawn.


Spring is the perfect time of year to aerate your lawn. Aeration will allow water and air to reach the roots of your new grass faster. Thus resulting in better growth and increased root development. If you don’t see yourself as a DIY landscaper, consider hiring a service like TruGreen in Indianapolis to do specialty tasks like fertilization, aeration, and weed control.

Trim Your Trees and Shrubs
As soon as it is warm enough, trim out the dead wood from your trees and shrubs. As you get rid of the unsightly branches, it will allow room for new ones to take their place. If you are unsure about trimming trees on your own, you can always hire a professional to help you.

Spread a good-quality mulch around your flower beds and the bases of plants, trees, and shrubs. The mulch will help to ease the roots through the changing temperatures, ease soil moisture, and hinder weed growth. You can either buy your mulch at a store, or you can make your own compost. All you need to do is start layering carbon-rich materials and nitrogen-rich materials at a 3:1 ratio, not forgetting to put some soil in between each layer. Read more about composting here.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture
Chances are that your outdoor furniture has either taken up space in your garage or shed all winter or it has spent the season braving the elements while sitting out on your deck or patio being woefully unused. Either way, your outdoor furniture is going to need a facelift. Going over the surfaces of each piece of furniture will get rid of the dirt and dust that has accumulated over the months. For dirtier pieces, applying soapy water with a soft cloth should do the trick.

Clear Your Walkways
Weeds and rocks quickly and easily find their way into sidewalk cracks and patio stones, making them look unsightly. Taking a few moments to get rid of these nuisances will go a long way to making your house look more appealing to visitors as they approach your front door.

If you are planning on selling your home, your lawn is the first part of the house that catches a prospective buyer’s eye. So, it needs to be in the best shape possible to give yourself the best chance of selling the house. If you do not want to go through the hassle of fixing up your lawn for someone else, you can always sell it to Ben Buys Indy Houses. We will give you cash for your house, and we don’t even care what your lawn looks like. Contact us today to see how we can help you. Click here to see video testimonials from satisfied home sellers who have used our service.


How to Prepare Your Yard For Spring

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