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One of the most frustrating things about trying to sell a house is the long wait that typically accompanies it. Have you ever wondered how to sell a house in one week? In the midst of the waiting game of selling a home, you have to schedule showing after showing, field offers and bids, deal with realtors and shoppers and in the meantime, keep your house clean and ready at a moment’s notice. This waiting game can really wear down not only your energy and enthusiasm about selling your home, but also take a toll on your plans as you struggle to time purchasing a new home with selling your old.

Whether you are working with a real estate agent or trying to sell by owner, you’re probably going to encounter this problem. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can try to encourage the sale to happen – styling changes, fresh paint inside and out, throwing in the appliances for the next owner or lowering the price – but ultimately, you still might be waiting a while.

If you’re tired of waiting, we have a better option. Ben Buys Indy Houses can help you sell your house in one week. Unlike a lot of so-called home buying businesses, Ben Buys Indy Houses operates legally and with integrity. We are committed to giving you a fair offer for your home after assessing your individual situation and house. We will buy your home “As-Is,” with no particular or finicky requests you have to meet before we buy.

Selling your house to Ben Buys Indy Houses is also a great option if you find yourself in a difficult situation – for example, a divorce or the loss of a loved one can leave you with a home that you do not need or want to keep. If that’s the case, we can work with you to get you a fair price and give you one less thing to consider while in the midst of an already tough time.

To help you out, here are a few tips on how to get your home to sell. If these don’t work for you – or if you simply want to know if selling to a cash buyer or investor is right for you – feel free to skip ahead to the next section.

Tips for searching for Sell My House Fast Indianapolis:

– Increase Curb Appeal

We’ve all heard of curb appeal. It’s the impression that your home gives from the curb – what people see before they ever step inside. This can mean everything from a well-groomed yard and landscaping to replacing or power-washing old siding, painting shutters and having the roof cleaned. A fresh coat of paint can be a powerful thing in terms of first impressions!

– Take Yourself Out

This can mean physically leaving your house during showings – potential buyers will likely feel more awkward if you’re lingering in the house while they browse – but also taking some of your personal belongings and memorabilia down. Family pictures, heirlooms and other things that personalize the space can make it difficult for viewers to envision your house as their home.

– Perform Small Upgrades

While fresh paint and some other fixer-upper type of repairs can be a great way to boost your home’s value and appeal, another easy way to do so is to focus on the smaller things around your house. Shower curtains, faucets and knobs, loose towel bars and cracked or grimey outlet covers can all be replaced for a small cost and freshen up the interior of your home in great ways.

– Rent a Storage Unit

This can be a great way to get rid of some extra clutter around the house. Empty or partially empty closets so viewers can see how much storage you have. Clean out the corners of the room that tend to accumulate stuff; put out-of-season clothing in tubs or storage bags and hide away. Anything to give your home a more open, “blank canvas” feel.

You can also check out this list from AARP of tips to sell a house quickly.

So, if you’ve tried all of those, or even if you haven’t, on to the next option: a cash buyer. Ben Buys Indy Houses is a reputable, honest cash buyer. Cash buyers are a great option for when your home requires some major remodeling or perhaps time is of the essence for you. With a cash buyer, be prepared to take less than the market asking price. The upside, though, is that you have your money quickly and painlessly, instead of being caught in an endless bargaining cycle.

Are you asking? How to sell my house fast Indianapolis, and you’re just tired of dealing with it all? Then contact us. Ben will reply within 24 hours to set up to go over your situation and assess your house. You don’t have to deal with the headache of bids, showings and realtors any more. Fill out our online form and find out what Ben can do for you today!

Sell My House Fast Indianapolis

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