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How to work with the National Home Buying Companies

If you need to sell your Indianapolis home quickly, you may not be sure where to turn. This article attempts to give a review of some the national home buying companies. It can seem that everywhere you look, you see telephone poles papered with signs with unknown individuals offering to buy your house. You may even find unsolicited offers to buy your home for cash in your mailbox or your email inbox.

How can you sell your home for cash quickly while avoiding agencies that won’t live up to their promises? Read on to learn more about managing the sale of your Indianapolis home.

How can you choose a purchaser for your Indianapolis home?

Those who don’t have strong ties with a real estate agent or who have never sold a home before may find the eye-catching results promised by many home buying companies tempting. After all, a hassle-free sale that can put cash in your pocket even if your house is ugly can sound too good to be true.

Unfortunately, because the national agencies are generally franchisees, there’s little guarantee that you’ll be working with a franchise owner that has experience.  Not all of the franchisee owners in Indianapolis are new, and yes there are some great franchise owners. You just have to make sure you find the right one.  I myself can recommend a few of them that would be worth working with.

What should you do when you want to sell your Indianapolis home fast?

Since Indianapolis is a quickly-growing city (with some areas in much higher demand than others), it makes much more sense to hire a local agent or investor who also makes cash offers for homes. This will significantly reduce the risk of getting an offer that doesn’t take into account your home’s unique location or plans for future expansion or gentrification in the area.

You’ll also ensure you’re able to deal with the same point of contact throughout the process, allowing you to get quick (and accurate) answers to any questions you may have about your sale.

What are your options if your home is already listed for sale with a real estate agent?

If you’ve already signed a contract with a real estate agent then it’s best to let the listing contract run it’s course.  Once the contract has expired you should look into working with a cash buyer if the home hasn’t sold.

Some homeowners are in a time crunch and need to sell quickly but minimize the fees involved with the sale.  If this sounds familiar then keep in mind that local investors work with agents that have listed a home.

Cash buyers don’t charge real estate fees but they can step in and cover the agent commission but you’ll need to disclose upfront that you’re working with a listing agent.

Sell your Indianapolis home fast for cash!

Although going through a national home buying agency when wanting to sell your home quickly can be tempting, it’s nearly always best to work one-on-one with a local cash buyer who is intimately familiar with the Indianapolis real estate market.

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