How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Open Market

When you hear the phrase “slow housing market,” selling your house fast can seem like an impossibility. When the open market starts slowing down, it generally does take longer to sell your house, if you can sell it at all. However, you can still sell your house fast without any regard to the market conditions. Keep reading below to understand more about the marketproof way to sell your house!

Conditions Affecting a Home Sale

There are many things that can affect how likely your house is to sell and how long the whole experience will take. Finding a new home is a life-changing event that no buyer in their right mind will take lightly. This is completely normal. But it also means that you have more responsibility when it comes time to try to sell. As nice as it may seem, you don’t really have the luxury of packing up and immediately selling whenever you feel like it.

Here are the most important conditions to consider when selling a house:

  • Location – Where your house is physically located is quite important. This includes your city and state, but it also refers to the demographic of your neighborhood. Do you live in a predominantly middle-class area, or perhaps is it a little run down? None of this is within your control, but they will all impact a buyer’s decision. If they are moving into a neighborhood where they are uncomfortable, they aren’t going to buy your house.
  • Status – The shape of your house is also very influential. If there is anything that needs repair or replacement, then a buyer is going to lose interest. 
  • Age – How old your house is also matters. Having an old house won’t necessarily prevent you from selling. But it will be tough if you’ve never updated any of your appliances or living features. Old houses come with an appeal, but they still need to have a modern touch to make them attractive to buyers.
  • Price – Another critical factor is the price of your home. Money certainly isn’t everything in life, but it sure can make a lot happen or not happen if you’re talking about selling a house. You surely want the best price for your house when you sell, but pricing it with this mindset will definitely make it harder to sell. A competitive price is the only way to make a good sale.
  • Market – The housing market will also determine the likelihood of your house selling. Local trends are fairly useful for determining what your chances of selling are. If houses are sitting around on the market for a while, there’s a good chance yours will too.

Duration of the Selling Process

There are definitely many things that can affect the whole process of selling your house, but just how long does it take? This definitely depends on a few things. Namely the effectiveness of your marketing, your willingness to bargain and compromise, and how well you can navigate through paperwork and documents. If you’re thinking about selling your house with a real estate agent on the open market, you can expect the transaction to at least take a couple of months. However, it can easily sit for years if you aren’t attentive.

Here’s why those factors affect the length of time you’ll spend:

  • Marketing Effectiveness – If nobody knows that you are selling your house, then how would anyone buy it? Buyers need to know that your house is available and what it has to offer. Poor marketing will prevent you from reaching the right audience.
  • Bargaining Reasonably – Even if you’ve priced competitively, showing a willingness to bargain is a great way to win your buyer over. Buyers always want to feel like they are getting a good deal. Simply knocking a few thousand off your asking price and considering taking care of other financial obligations is easy for you and makes a huge difference to your buyer.
  • Paperwork Navigation – Between your title, bill of sale, receipts, and records, there’s a mountain of paperwork to handle. Collecting it all is one story, but then the closing steps of a sale include much more paperwork to file. Between waiting for documents and approval, closing can easily take months if you and your buyer are unprepared.

How Can You Sell Quickly?

With so many things directly impacting the length of time it takes to sell your house, you might feel uneasy not being in control of how long you are waiting around for a buyer. However, there is a way for you to decide how long you spend waiting to sell your house. You can sell your house directly to a local cash home buyer in Indianapolis! 

When you try to sell your house to a buyer through a real estate agent, one of the biggest time sinks comes from the need for buyer financing. Most people don’t have hundreds of thousands in savings in their bank accounts to buy a house outright. They instead need a bank or financial institution to agree to help cover the expense. 

A cash home buyer gets rid of this need entirely because they pay with cash. Even better, you won’t need to spend any time or money on marketing, repairs, or closing. Best of all, you can have your house sold and receive your fast cash in just a few days! With the flexibility to sell in any condition and fast, there’s no better solution for selling a house than a cash home buyer!

Sell Your Home Regardless of the Market Condition

There are several factors that impact your ability to sell your house. Like the location, status, age, price, and market. In turn, this will directly influence how long you spend trying to finish up the transaction. You can skip all of this time entirely by working with a local cash home buyer. This allows you to sell your house in any condition and receive fast cash to let you focus on what comes next in life.

If you’re committed to selling your house fast, then Ben Buys Indy Houses is the solution for you! It doesn’t matter what the open housing market looks like. We will always be interested in buying your house. You might feel discouraged to sell because of how long the process takes. But you can get your money in days by selling to us! Reach out to us today so you don’t have to think about the hassle of selling your house for another day!

How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Open Market

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