We Buy Houses Indianapolis: Why a Home Buyer is the Solution for You!

Are you struggling to sell your home or residence in the greater Indianapolis area? Have you spent months working with a real estate agent only to get nowhere? If you’ve been frustrated trying to sell your Indianapolis house, then a home buyer is the solution to your problems! Unlike a real estate agent, a home buyer will actually purchase your home outright. This will save you countless hours, and it also puts cash in your pocket ASAP. To learn more about why you’ll want to sell to a home buyer, check out the rest of this article!

The Housing Market is Volatile

If you’ve ever thought about selling your house or even browsed at other houses for sale online in the last few years, then you probably know how valuable homes have been in recent years. After a lull in housing sales, the last few years have been fantastic if you’re trying to sell as average house value has steadily climbed.

Homes are currently worth (on average) about 15% more than they have been at any time in the last decade! This may seem like the perfect time to sell. But that window seems to be rapidly closing. Growth is always hard to sustain. That absolutely applies to something easily influenced like the housing market. 

This can be a frightening prospect because it means that the value of your house is very likely to decline in the next few years. What it also means is that the current value of your house may not actually be accurate. If your home is currently valued at say, $500,000, it might not actually be able to sell at that price. Something like $480,000 may be more realistic, but it will vary depending on the offers you see.

With this in mind, it’s clear to see that the housing market is very volatile, even if it happens at a slower pace. What you can expect is consistent trends of housing growth and decline. Therefore resulting in market highs and lows. The growth of the housing market has ceased and now is preparing to decline. That will make it tougher to sell a home. This means you’ll want to sell now, but how should you go about doing it?

Selling Through an Agent

Ask just about anyone how they sold their house and they’re likely to tell you they used an agent. Real estate agents have traditionally been the way to sell your house. There are plenty of ways you can sell something small and relatively inexpensive, like sporting equipment or old electronics. But to sell something significant like a house worth hundreds of thousands, you’ll definitely need a more professional way to sell.

Imagine trying to pitch an idea to someone. Wouldn’t you try to paint your idea in the best light, perhaps showing how it can benefit the person you’re pitching to? If you want your idea to come to fruition, then you’d do everything you could to help persuade and influence your audience. This is the same thinking that goes into selling a house. For someone to agree to (literally) mortgage their future and agree to pay anywhere between thousands and millions for their home, they need to love what they see.

This is where a real estate agent comes in handy. A real estate agent is skilled at dressing up your home and making it look attractive. Your realtor is dedicated to getting your house sold. Showing potential buyers everything that makes the house special. They can help sugarcoat flaws and spin a convincing story that makes a buyer pull the trigger.

Is a Realtor Still the Answer?

Real estate agents play a big role in buying a house. On the other side that role has been shrinking for years now. One of the biggest issues with using a realtor to sell your house is that they take a nice chunk of your sale. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find an agent that charges just a 3% commission rate. But don’t be surprised by some that demand 6%. If your house did sell for $500,000, that means a realtor’s commission could be anywhere between $15,000-$30,000! 

That’s not a terrible fee if they are directly responsible for a sale actually happening. But even then that’s a steep price to pay for salesmanship. Often the house itself is responsible for a buyer wanting to make an offer (as it should be). That means a realtor didn’t do very much to influence that sale. In this scenario, it makes a real estate agent much more of a middleman than anything else. In that case, you’re simply paying for convenience.

An Effortless Selling Experience with a Transparent Buyer

If convenience is your primary concern and you don’t mind shelling out enough for a new car to a realtor, then by all means feel free to use a real estate agent! On the other hand, you can cut out the middleman completely by choosing to sell your house directly to an actual home buyer. Rather than paying someone else to sell your house, you can act as your own realtor by selling directly.

Not only does this shred any prospects of a commission fee, but it also guarantees a quick sale! Opting to sell your home to a buyer like Ben Buys Indy Houses allows you more freedom and flexibility to decide what you want to do. Rather than waiting for a potential buyer to find, tour, and ultimately make an offer on your house, you can receive an instant offer that won’t be beaten by anyone else!

At Ben Buys Indy Houses, we’re thrilled to buy your house no matter what condition it’s in. Whether you have financial constraints or the house is in disarray, we can give you a fair value that we can both walk away happy with. We buy houses with the intention of selling later on, which means we’re willing to deal with the hassle of fixing it up and trying to find a permanent buyer. 

Why deal with this stress yourself when you can receive a generous offer from someone happy to take your home off your hands? Selling your house is a major change in your life, which can definitely be disruptive. Minimize the amount of time you spend getting situated by getting in touch with Ben Buys Indy Houses to receive your informed offer today!

We Buy Houses Indianapolis: Why a Home Buyer is Your Solution!

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