How to Sell My House Fast in Indianapolis

How Do I Sell My House Fast in Indianapolis?

Cash home buyers hear this all the time: “now that I’m selling, I want to sell my house fast!”

This is uttered especially from sellers who have already purchased another home, but anyone putting a home on the market wants to have it sold quickly. Here are my tips for how to sell your house in record time:

  • Always be “show” ready: If you are still living in the house you are trying to sell, you need to always be ready for a showing. Do what you have to do to make your house pristine, organized, and show-ready. This could  mean eating out, using paper utensils, having somebody else watch your dog, or any other tricks you need to use to have a pristine show-worthy house at all times. You don’t want to miss a selling opportunity because your kitchen was a mess and when a potential buyer decided they wanted do a walk-through.
  • Light it up!: An easy, cost-effective, and important way to add appeal to the interior of your home is to optimize the lighting. Buyers want to know that they’ll be able to see in every room, and spaces that are too dark are unappealing. Clean all your light fixtures. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter every room is once all that dust has been removed. Clean all your windows inside and out and stage your rooms to reflect your home’s natural lighting.
  • Organize your closets: Two things buyers love are storage space and snooping. You know they’ll be looking in your closets, so make them look organized and only partially-filled. You want to give the impression that you have so much storage space in your home that you can’t possibly fill it with your belongings.
  • Take yourself out of the home: This one works two ways. First, physically remove yourself from the home during all showings so that potential buyers can move freely without feeling awkward about your presence. Secondly, remove all personal artifacts and belongings such as pictures of your family and all that Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers memorabilia. You want potential buyers to feel like they can move right in, and seeing your stuff everywhere isn’t going to give them that impression.
  • Stage your homeIf you have the budget for it, hire a professional to stage your home so that potential buyers can have a good feel for the potential that each room has. If you don’t have the cash to hire a professional, do this yourself by making every room presentable and useful. If there’s a room or part of your house that doesn’t get used very often, switch it up and turn it into something buyers want to see such as a nook or office. The Video below is a good example of what can be accomplished by staging your home:

Ready to sell your home at lightening speed without listing with a realtor? Contact us today to see if your house meets our criteria for a cash offer!

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