How Do I Sell Without a Realtor in Indianapolis?

So you’ve listed your Indianapolis house with a realtor and it didn’t sell?  You are now asking, how do I sell without a realtor in Indianapolis?

So it’s been 6 months and the realtor has failed to come up with a buyer that is willing to meet a reasonable selling price.  Maybe the realtor hasn’t even presented you with anyone interested in your home.  What next? Try to sell without a realtor.

To backtrack, be careful about the details in your realtor sales agreement.  Many have a hold-back clause that can affect sales of your home up to 90 days after the original agreement has expired.  For instance, if you sell the home to a previously interested party or someone new within 90 days of your realtor agreement ending, the realtor is likely still entitled to the commission.   How frustrating would that be to sell the house on your own and still pay the realtor for basically doing nothing?

Another consideration is to analyze why the realtor was unable to sell your home in the allotted time period. Was the asking price too high?  Many times realtors will ask you to reconsider the selling price in hopes of selling the house faster.  Learn the inside secrets of a Real Estate Agent after watching this video:

Sometimes that may be a quick way for them to move a house when they don’t want to put in any extra effort or if the owner isn’t willing to put in any extra effort to sell the home. Or, maybe the housing market is moving slowly in your city.  Either way, a realtor should have communicated these possibilities to you and come up with a modified selling strategy.

Think you can do better selling it yourself?  Maybe the realtor was legitimately having trouble selling your house in that market at that price. If so, you will have less marketing and time resources to sell the home than they did.

Sell Without a Realtor

Out of ideas? Consider a cash buyer for your home.  They may offer you less than what you have listed, but you won’t have to pay realtor commissions or closing costs. This is one way to sell without a realtor.  You also won’t have to wait for a buyer’s financing to be approved. Once you calculate the cost of the other options; a realtor with commission, remodeling and selling yourself; it becomes clear that having a cash buyer purchase your home will likely be the most profitable and stress-free way to sell your home without a realtor.

Purchasing from a cash buyer greatly decreases the selling and closing costs and also, the time necessary to complete the transaction.  If you are under a time or financial constraint to sell your home, there is no faster way than by selling with a cash buyer.

Cash buyers may contact you but you don’t have to wait for that. You can look online under ‘cash for homes’ and find someone in your area.

How Do I Sell Without a Realtor

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