How Important is Selling Your House Quickly?

If you’re planning on selling your house, then you should try and sell it as fast as you can! Not only will this reduce your overall stress and workload, but it will also put money in your pocket as soon as possible! Regardless of why you’re selling a house, you absolutely want the money you’ll receive from a sale. Check out the rest of this article to learn just how important selling your house fast is!

Is it Time to Sell Your House?

If you’ve been considering selling your house for a little while, then right now is definitely a great time to sell your house! Based on the housing market, the average value of homes in the U.S. is up across the board. This means that if you wanted to sell today, you could sell it for significantly more than you could have just a few years ago. Considering you’ve already paid for and lived in the house, your goal is just to sell as high as you possibly can!

What the Selling Process Looks Like

When most people want to sell a house, they often find a realtor to list their house. In addition, to show potential buyers around the property. This is definitely an effective way to sell a house. It’s evidenced by millions of houses sold through this method throughout the past century. While this is a tried-and-true method of selling a house, it has one main drawback.

Whenever you sell your house with a realtor, a significant portion of that goes to your real estate agent as a commission. The national average for a house sale commission is around 5-6%. If your house is worth $500,000, that means you’d owe somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000! Your agent’s commission is a separate expense you’ll incur after selling. Plus you’re also on the hook for closing costs. If you already put money into repairs and remodeling, you can see just how quickly the process of a traditional house sale can eat into your profits.

Why You’ll Want to Sell as Fast as You Can!

After you’ve finished selling your house and you’ve paid your agent’s commission and all closing fees, you’ll have significantly less than what you sold your house for. The longer you wait to sell your house, the longer it will take for you to know exactly how much you’re responsible for in fees. And in the end, how much you actually profit from the sale. If you’re in a scenario where you need the money and are depending on having access to it, you’ll want to sell as fast as you can to get your money sooner!

Here are some great reasons for selling your house fast!

Need Money Now

One of the most common reasons for selling a home fast is the need for money right now. If you’re looking to buy another house, you might want money to make a down payment. Alternatively, unexpected situations can occur at any moment. Thus suddenly requiring you to pay a lot of money. Life is extremely unpredictable. But selling a house is one way of accumulating a large amount of cash fast.

If you’re looking to sell your house because you need money fast, then you already need the money before thinking about selling the house. This means that there’s absolutely no time to delay. Selling a house can take upwards of months. That’s a luxury you don’t have if you need money yesterday.

Family Emergencies

Sometimes, disaster hits us where it hurts the most. Hopefully, it never happens to you. But sometimes a family health emergency occurs. Thus requiring you to drop everything and move back home to take care of a family member. If you need to leave your house long-term to become a caregiver, you likely don’t have the time to try and wait around for offers. That is especially true if you’re out of state. If you have a family emergency, you’d definitely want to sell your house ASAP!

Divorce Settlements

If you’re in the process of settling a divorce, then it likely is no longer feasible for both parties to continue living in the same house. Because of this, it’s often easier to either designate the house to one party or have it liquidated and distribute the proceeding money. If you choose to sell the house so you can distribute the money resulting from the sale, then you’ll definitely want to sell fast! The sooner you sell, the earlier you’ll have your cut of the house sale. Even better, you’ll eliminate one more obstacle to resolving your divorce settlement.

New Job

Getting a new job offer is truly an exciting experience! Especially when it’s a dream job or one you’ve been working really hard to earn. However, these jobs are typically in places that aren’t conveniently located near you. It isn’t a good idea to sell your house just because you interviewed for a job. But that becomes a different story if you actually get an offer.

The thing about job interviews is that you’ll never know if you got the job until you receive an offer (or don’t). So you won’t know you need to sell your house until you hear from the company! When they do send an offer, this can leave you with very little time to prepare. If you need to move across the state or even the country, you won’t have any use keeping your house. This is a great reason to sell your house fast, seeing as you have pressing obligations somewhere else!

We Buy Houses Fast in Indianapolis!

There are many reasons to sell a house, but sometimes you might feel urgently pressed to sell your home. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need fast cash, a family emergency or a new job prompts you to move, or you’re trying to settle a divorce, then you definitely want to sell your house as fast as you can! A real estate agent will get the job done. But there’s an even better solution that will get your house sold fast!

If you have a home you need to sell fast in the Indianapolis area, get in touch with Ben Buys Indy Houses! We understand the hassle behind trying to sell a house and how important it is for you to receive a fair value for your house (and in a timely manner!). Give us a call today so we can give you a guaranteed quote that will put cash in your pocket before you know it!

How Important is Selling Your House Quickly?

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