How Buying a Corner Home Could Benefit You

Hi! It’s Ben Grise from BenBuysIndyHouses.com with some information regarding the hidden benefits of buying a corner home. Sometimes potential buyers will look at these houses and only see the extra work involved in keeping up the lawn or clearing the sidewalk. But there are some pluses to corner homes you may not be aware of.

Benefits of Buying a Corner Home

The most obvious benefit of a corner house is space. With the lot proportions, these homes are often on the receiving end of more yard space. This may give better natural light to your property. With the extra land, homeowners can often install landscaping and other exterior features. Therefore, to beautify their homes and increase their value in the instance that they later plan to sell. After all, according to Zillow, curb appeal is a very important factor in buying and selling homes. Consumers regularly pursue house listings online, relying on the photos to decide whether they want to view the home.

If you have a sign in the yard, a beautiful yard will encourage potential buyers to stop and explore. Many people make quick decisions based on the first look at your home, and that look is frequently the exterior. Having extra land in a corner lot to beautify can only help you achieve the necessary curb appeal. As a result, to attract more buyers. As a homeowner, if you decide to sell, the more buyers you attract could mean a big difference in the final sale price of your home.

Extra Land

This is one of the most obvious benefits, as the landscaping benefits in two ways- you, the homeowner, can enjoy the space while you own it and potentially realize a higher price if and when you decide to sell. Due to this extra land, many rooms in the house may be built on a larger scale.  Some construction codes may allow this in homes that are built on a standard lot. When it comes to the interior of a home, just a few square feet can mean the difference between a room that feels too small and a room that’s perfect.

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Exterior Openness

Another benefit is the feeling that homes on corner lots provide. Everyone knows that open floor plans have been all the rage in recent years. A house on a corner lot will extend the feeling of openness to the exterior of the home. There’s nothing to obstruct your view from inside the house to the neighborhood. The lot may also look expansive from the street. While you may be situated near the street, the position of your home on the lot also ensures that instead of having neighbors on each side, you typically only have one neighbor who may be in direct view of your windows while you are inside your home.

While there was a decline in years past in the demand for a home on a corner lot, Gregory Lombardi, an architect based in Cambridge, commented in a recent article that he’s seeing a new demand for the properties. Given that there’s only the potential for four corner homes on each block, it’s likely that demand may outpace supply soon.

Insurance Rates

Another often overlooked benefit of a home on a corner lot is the insurance rates owners must pay. No, a corner lot doesn’t always decrease your insurance. Those corner lots are often utilized by the city as spots for hydrants and other safety features. If you have a hydrant on your property, your home insurance may offer a discount due to the proximity. Be sure to contact them and let them know about the existence of any city-use fire hydrants on your corner.


Lastly, and more important in urban or densely populated areas, is parking. Unless your city has parking ordinances, having double the street in front of your house allows the homeowner to enjoy double the parking opportunity. Whether you have a small garage and multiple cars or plan to put that large yard to use in summer parties outdoors, extra parking is always a plus and is one of the hidden benefits of buying a corner home.

Sell Your Home to Ben!

There you have it, all the reasons why that corner home might mean more to you than extra yard work. With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why they are coming back into favor. Again, I’m Ben Grise, and I’m dedicated to helping homeowners sell their homes. As an accredited home buyer in the state of Indianapolis, I strive to offer exceptional and trustworthy service to my clients. If you’ve enjoyed this article, be sure to stop by my site and read my tips for homeowners looking to sell their homes. If you’ve thought about selling your house, please take a moment to watch this testimonial from one of my satisfied customers. Our team is truly committed to helping homeowners achieve their goals by providing honest, reliable service.

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