5 Budget-Friendly Landscaping Projects to Bring Your Curb Appeal Back to Life

The view of your home from the street tells the story of what to expect inside. These 5 budget-friendly landscaping projects to bring your curb appeal back to life give you a home visitors love to enter, and buyers want to purchase. Plus, it sure makes it nicer to come home.

If you are looking to sell, curb appeal is worth spending a few dollars. It makes or breaks a sale. Without an attractive home front, you may be hard-pressed to get buyers in the door. Those looking for a home judge a house by its cover — if they like what they see on the outside, they give the inside a shot.

Give your home a facelift with these easy landscaping projects…

5 Budget-Friendly Landscaping Projects to Bring Your Curb Appeal Back to Life

Focusing your list of curb appeal projects keeps you from going overboard with work and overrunning your budget. Stick to the basics to get the most bang for your buck.

Trim Up — Clean Up

The simplest landscaping project is to give your yard a thorough clean-up. All you need is a few gardening tools and good old-fashioned hard work. Begin by giving hedges and shrubs a good trim. Therefore, cut them back so your house shines through. Weed landscaped beds and removed plants as needed to create a clean, well-maintained look. A fresh-cut lawn is the final touch.

Firstly, pressure wash porches, sidewalks, and siding. Secondly, hide any unsightly but necessary items. Hoses hung on the side of the house look tidy while being accessible. In addition, electrical boxes can be painted to match the house which camouflages them. And a screen built around air conditioning units gives your yard a facelift.

Finally, add paint where needed. Chipping paint along garage trim or window shutters fails to make a good impression. Replace broken hardware, doors, porch railings, or other problem areas. To passersby and potential buyers, a clean outside means a clean inside.

Plant Natural Elements

Flora and fauna (plants) add life to the front of a home. Low-maintenance plants in your landscape attract homeowners who want beautiful curb appeal with minimal effort. Adding flowers in window boxes, fresh pots, and hanging planters brings pops of seasonal color.

If you were not gifted with a green thumb, faux flowers can be used. However, they must be fresh, clean, and current with trends. Outdated, dusty dollar store finds do not get the job done. You can use faux plants in pots or plant them directly in the ground. For a great tutorial on how to use these durable plants for a natural presentation, click here.

Switch Up Your Color

A whole house color change may tax your budget. But small changes pack a powerful punch. Start by painting your front door a trendy color. Bright colors draw attention. Traditional colors look high-end and stylish. You can also paint or replace your door handle and hardware for a modern look.

Other ways to add color and texture include:

  • Window and door trim.
  • DIY shutters
  • Garage doors.
  • Stone veneers on posts, columns, and stairs.

Coordinate these foundational color elements with the hues you add to potted plants and other details. Chair cushions or pillows on a porch give extra personality to the space. A colored mailbox introduces your home’s color palette and style as a visitor comes up the drive.

Add Plenty of Lighting

Darkened spaces do not invite others to your home, to visit or to buy. Stand on your front lawn as the sun goes down. Assess where you need more light. Think about your:

  • Front door and other entries.
  • Porch.
  • Walkways and steps.
  • Driveway.
  • Architectural features.

Not only does adequate lighting create a welcoming feel, but it also makes visitors and homeowners feel safe. Understanding the basics of outdoor lighting helps you choose wisely the areas you want to illuminate. Also, replace broken or out-of-date lighting features for a fresh look.

Update the Details

Once your curb is cleaned up, natural elements and pops of color are in place, you can focus on the details. A few simple changes or additions bring personality to your home’s face. Remember to keep them updated on your style and the season.

  • Replace or add house numbers in a modern font and color.
  • Use an outdoor rug or welcome mat to greet guests.
  • Add seating on a porch — a couple of chairs or a swing.
  • Give your mailbox a makeover to match your other changes.
  • Hang a welcome sign or wreath on or near the front door.
  • Include something soft like pillows or a blanket.
  • Include a whimsical or quirky item for interest.

The Final Product

When updating your curb appeal, keep it simple. Clean, well-maintained front yards get the attention they deserve. It helps sell your house faster and costs little more than some elbow grease.

If selling your house fast is the goal, contact Ben Buys Indy Houses today.

5 Budget-Friendly Landscaping Projects to Bring Your Curb Appeal Back to Life

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