DIY Projects to Help Raise Your Home’s Value

As a homeowner, you are constantly looking for ways to boost your home’s appearance and value – whether you’re in the midst of the selling process or just thinking ahead to the future. But hiring contractors and professional services can be pricey, which is why we have put together some ideas for DIY projects to help raise your home’s value. These projects range from simple to more complex, from very inexpensive to a bit more of an investment. Whatever your skill level and time availability, we hope that you’ll be able to find something to fit your lifestyle on this list!

DIY Projects to Help Raise Your Home’s Value

Paint Everything

When in doubt, paint! Neutral tones are a great way to go if you’re trying to sell – people have a much easier time envisioning a room as their own if it’s a light gray, off-white or beige tone than if it’s bright, vivid colors. Steer clear of bright white, as it can leave rooms feeling sterile and is difficult to keep clean while showing your house, especially if you have kids.

Install Crown Molding

This requires some basic woodworking skills, but can really elevate the look of your rooms. Purchase the decorative trim at your local hardware store and either cut it to size yourself or have the store cut it for you. You can install it along the tops of your walls with a nail gun. Some crown molding comes already painted, too, eliminating that step.

Update Fixtures

Faucets, showerheads and other basic fixtures can either date a home or make it appealing. Consider replacing an older, sputtering faucet with a sleek modern one, or a small showerhead with one that mimics the feeling of rain. If you want to invest a bit more, look at faucets with special features like touch activation or a detachable head for spraying down dishes.

Update Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom floors tend to take a beating and get grimy. You can replace yours with laminate or with tile, if you’re up for the challenge. This is a bigger projects, but can help freshen up your whole bathroom – especially if you have older tile with dirty grout.

Power Wash the Driveway and Exterior of Your Home

Rent or purchase a power washer and take a weekend to deep clean everything on the outside of your home. That carefully manicured lawn won’t stand a chance if your driveway is stained and your siding is discolored. Curb appeal is important, and having a sparkling clean home and driveway can boost that!

Upgrade Knobs and Handles

Kitchen cabinet knobs, door handles, drawer pulls and any other knobs are an inexpensive and easy way to revitalize the look of your storage. Handles get scratched and dirty, so replace them with matte or modern styles. Also, ensure that your selections for the bathrooms and bedrooms have locks on them – another good selling point.

Stain or Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

Like redoing your bathroom tile, this is a bigger project and not for the faint of heart – once you start it, you’re committed! If your kitchen cabinets look out of date, you can sand and re-stain them, paint them or replace them altogether. This might seem extreme, but keep in mind that kitchens are typically the biggest deciding factor for home buyers!

Update Lighting and Window Treatments

Are any of your rooms dim? Do you have poor lighting from ceiling fans? Are old drapes or curtains keeping out natural light? Upgrade lighting fixtures, ceiling fans or simply add a few strategic lamps. Take down old curtains or use tie backs to keep them open when showing the home. Consider replacing bent or damaged mini blinds.

Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are out of vogue now, and thankfully, they can be a relatively simple thing to replace. There are a lot of tutorials online about the process – check one out here – but the most important thing is to take appropriate safety precautions and make sure that the material used doesn’t contain asbestos!

Replace Rugs and Carpets

Flooring can really set the tone for a room. If you have stained, damaged, snagged or just old carpet, it can keep your home looking grimy even when it isn’t. If you’re ready to invest, you could tear out old carpet and replace it with hardwood – or laminate – flooring. Opt for some area rugs instead of carpet and voila! A whole new look.

Ben Buys Indy Houses is here to help you get the best deal as fast as possible on your home. If all of these DIY projects sound too overwhelming, you can contact us for a cash offer on your as-is home! We’d love to hear from you.

DIY Projects to Help Raise Your Home’s Value

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