10 Reasons You Can Succeed at Selling Your House FSBO

Selling your house yourself can be daunting, but it is possible to succeed. We’ve put together 10 reasons you can sell your house FSBO and we hope that they’ll boost your confidence and give you the nudge you need to go on and sell your home yourself!

10 Reasons You Can Sell Your House FSBO

1. You Know Your House Best

No real estate agent knows the strengths and weaknesses of your home better than you do – after all, you’ve lived there! You know how to answer questions about any updates your home has received, as well as any it needs. You know the perks and downsides of your neighborhood. Who is the best person to advocate for your home? You are!

2. You Know What You Want and Need

Get what you want out of this sale – both in the asking price and any other negotiations. You know what you can handle in terms of updates and repairs, and when you go the FSBO route, you have complete control over the situation. No pressure from a realtor to accept a bid or do extra work.

3. You Can Do Your Own Research

One of the things that you do need to be able to do in order to succeed at FSBO is research. You’ll need to learn about best practices, any restrictions your state has on the sale of houses and understand the legal aspect. This may take some time upfront, but can be rewarding.

4. You Can Work With Your Schedule

When you list your home as FSBO, you’ll have control over showings and open houses. Of course, this comes with the caveat that you’ll still need to make time for showings – especially if you hope to sell quickly. But this does give you a lot more flexibility than working with a real estate agent would.

5. You are Passionate About Your House

If you’re like most people, you have emotional and sentimental connections to your house. You have good memories there – maybe it’s the first house you bought with your spouse, or where your kids grew up. Whatever the case, you are excited about your house. This can be great when talking to potential buyers – however, you’ll also need to separate your emotions and be able to listen objectively to criticisms of your home.

6. You are Willing to Work Hard

We won’t lie to you – selling a home is work. If you already have a hectic schedule and no spare time, then perhaps FSBO isn’t the best option for you. However, if you’re willing to put in the work to market and sell your home, then you can reap the rewards – namely, the financial reward of not having to pay an agent fee!

7. You Can Successfully Market Your Home

Like research, this is something that will take up more of your time if you opt for FSBO over a realtor. However, there are so many articles and tips available online for how to market and stage your home that it is possible to do a fantastic job! Learn to take good photos for your listing, learn to bring out the best in your home and more through online courses. Check out some ideas here and here.

8. You Can Find a Buyer Like You

What are the unique things about your house? Maybe you’ve updated the kitchen because you love to cook. Or maybe you’ve put in an invisible fence for your dog. Maybe you installed that nice jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. Finding a buyer who will appreciate the special touches you’ve put on your home is a great way to sell!

9. You Won’t Give Up

Persistance is key to selling a house. For a realtor, this is their job – and in the end, they want to sell quickly so they get their commission. If you opt to list as FSBO, you have the chance to find just the right buyer for your home. Get the price you want, negotiate directly and find the best solution for your needs.

10. You’re Willing to Ask the Professionals

When all else fails, a FSBO homeowner needs to be willing to bring in some professional help. For some, this might mean hiring a photographer to get stunning shots of your house. For others, you might want to hire a lawyer to make sure the contract is clean and clear. Whatever you struggle with, you can likely hire a single professional to help you out and still avoid paying real estate agent commissions.

Ben Buys Indy Houses is happy to offer you some FSBO advice. We are a team of local people that purchase as-is Indianapolis homes for cash. If you’re ready to sell and don’t want to deal with the hassle of a sale, contact us today!

You Can Succeed at Selling Your House FSBO

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