Discover How to Get Quick Cash for Your Home

Selling a house is always an adventure, including the process of fielding bids and negotiations. But if you’re a homeowner in Indianapolis, we can help you discover how to get quick cash for your home. There are a number of situations in which you may need to sell your home quickly, or where you might need the money from the sale fast. We can help you resolve the situation and get a fair price for your Indianapolis-area house!

Selling to a cash home buyer is one of the easiest ways to get a house off your hands quickly and easily. However, you have to be cautious, since there are many scams out there preying on people who are in need of money or just need to sell. If done safely and with a reputable buyer, though, selling to a cash buyer can fix a lot of your problems!

Enter Ben Buys Indy Houses.

Who is Ben Buys Indy Houses?

We are a reputable, honest and trustworthy cash home buyer in the Indianapolis area. Our team is made up of local people, real people – people you can depend on to be fair and transparent with you. Founded by local businessman Ben Grise, Ben Buys Indy Houses is aimed at helping homeowners sell quickly and helping our great city regain its beauty! We have an A+ rating with the BBB (check out our profile here), and a whole host of testimonials from satisfied clients.

There’s no scheme here or plan to rip you off. You can trust us to be fair in our offer and never attempt to underbid or pressure you.

What Houses Can We Buy?

One of the great things about Ben Buys Indy Houses is that we can buy any house! And when we say any, we really do mean it.


Many homeowners who are facing foreclosure need cash – fast. They need to get out of the house and pay off the bank so that the foreclosure doesn’t go through. We can help you with that, working in as little a day or two to give you an offer and closing the deal within a week or less!


One of the biggest problems a lot of people face when trying to sell a house is the demands made by potential buyers. Repainting, remodeling, facelifts and more are all common requests. Out-of-date interiors, old roofs and appliances and other things can hinder you from having a successful sale. Ben Buys Indy Houses will purchase your house as-is, no need for updating or remodeling. Even if it’s old, damaged or simply looks a bit dated, we can buy your house, no problem!


Anyone who has ever worked as a landlord knows how tiring the process can be. If you’re a tired landlord who wants to get out of the business, we can purchase properties that were previously used as rentals. Just evicted a trouble tenant and don’t want to deal with the damage they inflicted on your property? Don’t worry about it! Our “as-is” promise applies to you, too.


When a loved one passes away and bequeaths their home to you, you may find yourself in a tricky spot. Many times, the person who inherits a house doesn’t want to live in it – or maybe it was willed to several people. Whatever the situation, it’s also likely that the house is outdated or in need of repairs. If you’ve recently found yourself in this spot, we’re happy to purchase your inherited and out-of-date houses!


What if you own commercial property? You’re in luck! We purchase commercial properties as well as homes. Just contact us – all of our promises to purchase as-is and quickly apply in this scenario, too.

Why Use a Cash Buyer?

Using a cash buyer – if done safely, like with Ben Buys Indy Houses – will get you quick cash for your home, as well as save you money! Because we aren’t a realtor, we won’t take commissions and you won’t have to pay closing costs. We can offer a fast, hassle-free way to sell your house that will also leave you with the full dollar amount, not a selling price minus percentages and commissions.

Contact Us Today – Discover How to Get Quick Cash for Your Home!

Interested? Does selling to a cash buyer sound like the perfect solution for your situation? Just want to learn more? Curious to know if we’d be willing to purchase your property? Contact us today. We’ll get back to you quickly, collect the information we need about your house or other property and be ready to make you an offer far faster than you would’ve expected! We pride ourselves on our customer service and honesty, and we look forward to leaving you as a new satisfied customer.

Get Quick Cash for Your Home

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