Often times, relatives leave their house to an heir in hopes that the beneficiary will take over the home. In some cases, these homes are in disrepair, and in need of upgrades and remodeling. Other times, they’re simply located in the wrong part of the town, state or country. In these cases, it’s not necessarily a good thing that someone has left you a house in their will. Of course, you can sell the property, but can you sell the inherited house to a cash home buyer in Indianapolis?

Determine Inheritance & Property Taxes

Before you decide to sell this newly acquired home, you’ll want to determine what your tax liability will be. If the deceased was an Indiana resident, form IH-6 must be filed and appropriate taxes paid. The amount of the taxes is based on the fair market value of the home. Speak to a tax specialist to determine how you should proceed. In addition, you should be aware of any property taxes that are due. You can find out the liability by visiting the treasurer’s office in person or online.

Eliminate The Real Estate Agent

The process of hiring a real estate agent and having your inherited home listed in the MLS takes time. Not only that, but, it wraps your house up with that specific agent or agency for a period of time. You’ll have to pay them a commission if the house sells, whether they find the buyer or you do. Not only that, but they’re going to tell you to do all that updating and repairing that hasn’t been done in thirty years or more. It’s going to be months, not weeks or days, before the home will be ready to be shown. And, it can take months to get the right offer. Real estate agents can sometimes be the long way around the problem, for sure. Instead you may want to consider a local Indianapolis cash home buyer if you’re looking for an easy and hassle free way to sell your house fast.

Be Very Honest About Its Value

Sure, you’d like a fat check from selling this house, I don’t blame you, but, take a minute to really look at it. What’s it going to take to get the amount you’d like to see? The answer is probably more than you want to put into it. It’s a matter of buying materials, doing the work, or hiring it out and you can’t stop with one room or areaof the home. If you’re truly interested in getting the property to move fast and get some money in your pocket, you’ve got to sell it for the right price. That means being brutally honest about how much the home is worth and accepting the fact that it simply has to sell, period.

Pause Before You Lift A Finger

You might be thinking that you’re going to need to get a dumpster or three, and a crew to clean up the home and property. The truth is, you don’t have to do anything at all. There’s no reason to rush headlong into a cleaning frenzy with this inherited home. By all means, look around and collect any family heirlooms and things you like, but leave the rest alone. You are in the unique position to be able to take care of two birds with one stone here. Selling your home for cash means you won’t have to clean it out, and you’ll get a nice check. It really cannot get any easier than that.

Just because someone left you a house, it doesn’t mean you have to love it forever. In fact, you don’t have to keep it at all. If you have recently inherited a home in Indianapolis and you want to sell it fast and easy, please contact us. We are Indianapolis’s most reviewed cash home buyer. We have helped many beneficiaries, like yourself, lighten their load by purchasing their unwanted homes.

Watch this video testimonial from my most recent customer who inherited her Mom’s house just south of Fountain Square:

Cash Home Buyer

So if you’re ready to enjoy everything this great city has to offer, rather than deal with the hassles of selling your house with a realtor than please contact us.  Or simply fill out the web form on this page and me or my assistant will be in touch with you to give you a free offer. Ben is a member of the Indy Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. IndyChamber