5 Ways Real Estate Investors Help Our City

If you pay attention, you’ve probably seen signs and advertisements for real estate investors. Sometimes, they get a bad rap – so we’d like to show you 5 ways real estate investors help our city. The team at Ben Buys Indy Houses is passionate about the good that real estate investors can do, and we want to help others understand, too! Read on to learn more about what we can do to help our city grow and flourish.

5 Ways Real Estate Investors Help Our City

1. Purchasing & Flipping Old Buildings

One of the primary things that real estate investors do is flip buildings. If a building is for sale in as-is shape, or if the owner is willing to take a lower bid without having to do any work on the property, we can purchase it. Ben Buys Indy Houses always makes cash offers. Then, we take the property, get it evaluated and inspected, and progress to the next stage. We hire contractors and teams to repair and remodel the property. Then, we can decide whether to sell it or use it as a rental, depending on the type of property, the location and other factors. Older buildings are particularly good for this kind of investment, since they might otherwise be unused or fall into disrepair. We love seeing an older building get new life from being flipped!

2. Investing Time & Money Into Our City

Real estate investors aren’t just pouring their money into the city, they’re investing a great deal of time. Going through the process of purchasing, remodeling and then renting out or selling a property is time-consuming. While many real estate investors are in this line of work because they genuinely enjoy it, it is still a business – and one that takes a lot of effort. The time and money that real estate investors are willing to put into preparing and bettering a property really comes back to serve our city by raising property values and boosting the housing economy.

3. Preventing Abandoned or Decrepit Buildings

Without real estate investors, there would be far more old buildings in disrepair and becoming decrepit. Abandoned properties, foreclosed ones and more could lie empty and uncared for. With the help of real estate investors, many of these properties are purchased and repaired, made into something that is a good living space or office space again! This improves not only the beauty of our city, but helps prevent a housing or office shortage.

4. Revitalizing Our Town

The team at Ben Buys Indy Houses loves Indianapolis and wants to help revitalize areas that might be more neglected. Real estate investors are able to bring new life to homes, properties and other spaces that need a refresh. The process of selling a home or condo can already be tricky and demanding. Adding the need to repair, remodel or update that property only slows it and makes it more frustrating. When a real estate investor comes in and handles all of that, it can ease the burden on the owner and perhaps make the home even more valuable, since they have access to contractors and resources the homeowner may not.

5. Offering a Way Out for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

One of the best things that we love to do at Ben Buys Indy Houses is help out homeowners who are facing a looming foreclosure. The whole process and situation of a foreclosure is heartbreaking and difficult – we hope to make it at least a little simpler by helping homeowners sell their property fast and without the need for updates and repairs. By purchasing foreclosed homes in as-is condition and offering cash within a week, we can help homeowners avoid the foreclosure, pay off their debt and move on with their lives. Before renting or selling to another family, we can take the property and do any repairs, updating or remodeling that needs to be done. This serves as an escape from an impossible situation for homeowners deep in mortgage debt, even those with low equity in their home.

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Wow! Real estate investors put a lot of work into our city. Which one surprised you the most? Do you have experience working with a real estate investor?

Ben Buys Indy Houses is made up of a team of all-local, high-integrity and energetic people just like you. We love Indianapolis and want to see it become even more beautiful and amazing than it already is. If you are looking to sell a home, condo, office building or any other real estate in the Indianapolis area, consider contacting us. We promise to give you a fair cash offer for your property!

5 ways real estate investors help our city

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