10 Easy Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen

Did you know that your kitchen is one of the biggest selling points for your home? That’s why we’d like to offer you 10 easy remodeling tips for your kitchen. Many potential buyers will make their final decision based on your home’s kitchen, so making sure that it shines is key to getting your asking price and selling quickly. The team at Ben Buys Indy Houses also understand that when you’re selling, you don’t want to spend a ton of money or time investing into your house, so we’ve compiled a list of things you can do that are either 1) easy, 2) DIY, 3) inexpensive or 4) all of the above!

10 Easy Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen

1. Replace Hardware

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update your kitchen is to replace the hardware. Knobs, drawer pulls, door handles – any of these can get chipped, scratched and worn down from daily use. Consider replacing them with something more modern or sleek where possible. If you aren’t making any changes to cabinetry, find pulls and knobs that complement the style and color of your cabinets.

2. Update Lighting

Whether you have lighting fixtures or fans, this holds true. Updating the lighting in your kitchen can give everything a fresh look. Also, consider the type of lighting you have. You may want to opt for something with brighter lights, or if you find your lights generate a lot of heat you might want to opt for something cooler. Check out some more kitchen lighting tips here.

3. Install a Tin Tile Backsplash

Tin tile backsplashes can refresh the whole look of your kitchen without breaking the bank. In most cases, you should be able to purchase one (and the supplies needed to install it) for around $100. This is also a fairly easy project to DIY install. Check out some instructions and tips here.

4. Upgrade Your Faucet

Remodeling your kitchen really shouldn’t be “everything but the kitchen sink”! Your sink and faucet can really impact the look of your kitchen. However, installing a new sink can be costly – so focus on deep-cleaning or bleaching it, and spend your cash on a new faucet and fixtures. If you have some spare money, splurge on one with nice features (detachable spray head, touch operation, etc.)

5. Install a Peel-and-Stick Backsplash

This is another easy way to quickly upgrade the appearance of your kitchen. Peel-and-stick backsplashes are inexpensive and DIY, without the need for special tools. Using this method, you can achieve a lot of different styles and color schemes. It’s very flexible and a nice way to boost the appeal of your kitchen. Check out some prices and options from The Home Depot here.

6. Repaint Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting your cabinets is a bit more labor-intensive, and if you DIY it might take a full weekend. However, you could also consider hiring a professional painting service if it’s too overwhelming. Consider repainting your wood-stained cabinets with chalk paint or a monochromatic color. These are popular and give even older kitchens a modern feel.

7. Visit Thrift Stores & Yard Sales

One of the best places to get new kitchen furniture is a thrift store. Whether it’s new seating, a bar cart or even a new lighting fixture, thrift stores and yard sales can be a treasure trove for home remodeling. Many will also stock curtains and other home textiles. Be creative and think outside the box to save some serious money!

8. DIY New Concrete Countertops

This is another DIY that is more labor-intensive, but can save you a lot of cash. By making your own moulds and purchasing a few bags of concrete mix, you can have modern and sturdy new countertops to replace old, stained or chipped ones. Read more about the process here.

9. Consider Painting Your Refrigerator

If you’re leaving your refrigerator in the house, you might want to consider updating it. Many auto shops will strip and repaint fridges. This is a great option if your fridge is still in good shape, but maybe needs a makeover. Paint it a darker, monochromatic tone to give it a minimalist vibe. Don’t want to drop the money or time on that? Consider some appliance skins like these.

10. Add Molding or Trim

Adding wood molding or trim to your cabinet doors, above your cabinets and even to the edges of your countertops can enhance the appearance of your kitchen. If you’re already repainting your cabinets, paint the trip to match – or contrast. Use trim to create designs on cabinet doors without having to purchase new ones!

Remodeling your kitchen can be overwhelming, but we hope that these tips have helped you get started. Ready to sell, but don’t want to deal with the hassle? Consider selling your home as-is to Ben Buys Indy Houses! We purchase any home in the Indianapolis area. Contact us to learn more!

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