10 Simple Tips to Help Sell My House Fast Indianapolis

If you’ve tried to sell your house lately, then you may be aware of the challenges that come along with it. Generally speaking, fast is not the first word that comes to mind when you think about selling your house. It is true that a house sale can take weeks and months, but that doesn’t mean it needs to. Take advantage of the 10 simple tips we have for you in the rest of this article!

Need to Sell Now?

Do you have an urgent need to sell your house right now? Whether you’ve experienced a major life change recently or perhaps encountered some financial hardships, there are plenty of valid reasons for wanting to sell your house quickly. With some careful effort, you can definitely cut down on the time it takes to sell your house. Use a few of these tips below or all of them to help your Indianapolis house sell fast!

One: Start From the Outside

The first thing you should do is plant yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. What is the first thing that they’ll notice when they come to view your house? The outside, of course! It may be conscious, but it is more likely that an unconscious first impression is formed before even walking through the front door. If buyers have a bad feeling before looking inside, it can paint the rest of your house in a poor light. 

Two: Plant a For-Sale Sign

While you’re working on the outside of your home, make sure to proudly display a for-sale sign. Sure, it may look ugly, but it is a shining beacon for any potential buyers to easily identify your home. Even better, your neighbors will notice it and they might mention it to their friends and families. A little bit of exposure never hurt a house sale!

Three: Let the Light Shine Through

Once your buyers get inside, you want to make sure they can actually see everything clearly. This means fully opening any blinds and trying to let as much natural light shine through as possible. Indoor lights are helpful, but their yellow hue can do more harm than good sometimes. Buyers want to feel comfortable and happy inside a home, something that darkness just doesn’t provide.

Four: Seek Alternative Housing for Pets

If you have furry companions, then it is time to find somewhere else for them to stay while your house is for sale. Even if you don’t think that your pets smell, there is a great chance that a potential buyer will think differently. It’s easy to become immune to the smell of your own pets, but this can be a huge red flag for buyers. Thoroughly aerate your home and then keep the furballs out!

Five: Clear Out Your Storage

It may seem nosy, but buyers who view your home are definitely going to want to look inside closets, cabinets, and any other storage areas that you have. This is perfectly natural because they will need to use that space if they plan on living there. If your storage areas are stuffed full of your belongings, it will make the house seem much smaller than it actually is!

Six: Stay Ready for Showings

Once your house is ready for prospective buyers to view, it should always stay in that condition. One thing that definitely stands true for selling a house is that buyers can be quite unpredictable. You’ll need to work around their schedule, not the other way around. This does mean that you might need to evacuate in less than an hour if someone wants to take a look. If you need to prepare the house for a showing before you leave, then you probably won’t have enough time before they arrive.

Seven: Make It Cozy

Do your best to make your home feel like, well, home! This doesn’t mean that you should put pictures and personal belongings up, but instead, make the house inviting. This mainly applies to the scent and visual appeal of your home. A pleasant scent everyone loves like sugar cookies or cinnamon apple usually works well. Anything that you do keep inside your house should be non-personal yet still captivating. White and beige colors work great for that.

Eight: Film a Video Tour

Once your home feels welcoming, consider taking a video tour of your home. Many online listings just include photos and often times they are low quality. Another problem with photos is that it only shows one perspective. Have you ever looked at a house online and wished you could see what was behind or around the corner of a photo? With a video tour, you can capture a full 360° view of your home. It will definitely make your house stand out, but it also means that buyers who do come to view your home already have a good idea of what they’re walking into. 

Nine: Balance Price and Contingencies

When it comes time to negotiate through offers, understand that the selling price isn’t everything. You can have two houses sell for similar values but end up with different sums at the end due to the cost of contingencies needed for closing. Contingencies can be deceptively expensive, especially if you need to fix something major prior to selling. Try to minimize the contingencies you allow, even if it does mean lowering your asking price.

Ten: Sell to a Cash Home Buyer

If you really want to sell your house fast, then there is no better solution than a cash home buyer. Unlike traditional buyers, a cash buyer doesn’t need financing from a lender. This means that they are ready to complete the transaction in days! And what’s better than some cold, hard cash? With a cash home buyer, you can spend less time and money to get your home sold fast!

A Local Solution to Sell a House Fast

Selling your house isn’t typically a fast process, but you can speed it up with a few simple tricks! You should use a mixture of involved activity and passive thinking to accomplish this. You should start by looking at the outside, planting a for sale sign, letting natural light in, and finding alternative housing for your pets. Then take time to clear out our storage areas, keep the home ready for showings, and make it feel cozy! Go above and beyond by filming a video tour for your listing, carefully balance your asking price and contingencies, or even better, sell directly to a local cash home buyer!

Looking to sell your Indianapolis home for fast cash? Ben Buys Indy Homes can definitely help! The process of selling your house is definitely stressful, but a nice cash offer can make you feel right at ease. We will walk you through how we buy homes and what we need from you. Absolute transparency is key, especially when making a major life change like selling a home! Make things easier on yourself and give us a call at your earliest convenience.

10 Simple Tips to Help Sell My House Fast Indianapolis

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