7 Quick Tips on How to Sell My House Fast

Are you struggling to sell your newly-listed home through the traditional home-selling process? As the housing market gradually begins to slow down, the days of receiving amazing offers for your home in no time at all are long gone. If you want to sell a house fast, you’re going to need to put in some hard work to find yourself a buyer. Keep on reading to learn about 7 quick tips you can take advantage of for a faster house sale!

Selling a Home Isn’t Easy

Have you finally made the commitment to selling your house? Many homeowners entertain the idea of selling their houses. Far fewer actually list their home for sale, especially when there isn’t a pressing reason prompting a sale. This should come as no surprise due to how difficult it is to sell a house. 

It isn’t necessarily difficult in the sense that you need to have a specific skill set. But more so in that, your patience will be worn extremely thin by the lengthy and anxiety-inducing process of selling your home. Trying to sell your house today is more a test of endurance than it is about figuring out what to do. This does mean that anyone can sell their house. But most people will put it off because of the inconvenience that comes with it.

Even worse, if you’ve taken a peek at the real estate market lately, then you know that now probably isn’t the best time to sell. Currently, homes are worth less across the board and are taking far longer to sell on average. So not only is selling a home intrinsically difficult due to how much mental exertion it requires, but the market itself is also working against you right now.

With so many obstacles to selling a house, you’ll need to dedicate some time to overcome them. Without doing so, your house might not sell at all. Fortunately, we have seven quick tips below that will put you on the path to a faster house sale!  

Create Mental and Physical Distance

One of the most important things you can do happens mainly inside your own head. Without knowing it, you might sabotage your efforts to make a sale. That’s because you’re either selling for the wrong reasons or aren’t properly letting go of your home. You should try and figure out why you want to sell your house.

Are you doing it because you got a new job? Or is it being listed because you think it is a good time for a change? Figuring out why you’re listing your house will tell you your motivation behind it. 

This is important because having the wrong motivation to sell will prevent you from making good decisions. If you are too attached, you might not want to take out your personal effects to allow staging of the home. You might love your personal touches to the home. However, it may deter potential buyers because it may give an unwelcoming impression that the house is already occupied and not for sale. Take the time to separate yourself, both physically and mentally, from your home so that it appears to be flexible, fresh, and available to any potential buyers.

Clean Like Your Life Depends On It

You’re also going to spend a lot of time cleaning. Several hours worth to be exact. The funny thing about living inside a house is that you also spend a lot of time dying inside of it. More specifically your skin cells and any rotting food you might let sit. Every single nook and cranny inside your home will inevitably get dirty over several years of living.

Even if you are diligent about cleaning, there are definitely places you’ve never thought of or tended to. A dirty home is one of the quickest ways to lose a sale. So make sure to clean several different times to do a thorough job.

Consider the Smell

Another thing you might neglect is an important sense. You can easily remember to tidy up the appearance of your home as it is fairly obvious. But many forget about the smell. The reason for this is that many homeowners become impervious to the smell of their own homes. Spending so much time living with the same smell will make it natural for them. This can be quite unpleasant for some potential buyers. Make sure to try and fumigate your home first with fans and neutral scents so there are no existing odors.

Identify & Focus On Your Selling Point

Figuring out the selling point of your home is critical to making a sale. This is going to be the feature that really makes your house special. Think back to why this house stood out to you in the first place. The very reason that you bought the house can be used to sway other potential buyers. Maybe your home has a fantastic view of the water, maybe it’s conveniently located next to a big city, or perhaps the interior design is phenomenal. Figure out what it is and make sure any potential buyers are aware of it.

Show Flexibility

Once your home is actually listed and people begin to request showings, you’ll need to show that you’re willing to be flexible. This means that you’ll need to accommodate the requests of any potential buyers. That is like allowing a showing on short notice. If you’re unwilling to meet your potential buyers halfway, they might not take a look at your home at all. When it comes to negotiating, a willingness to bargain is also important. Refusing to budge on your asking price will make many people feel that you are being unreasonable.

Real Estate Agent? Think Carefully

Many homeowners will turn to a real estate agent when it comes time to sell. But you should consider if this is really worth your money. Most real estate commissions are around 4-6% of your final sale price, which can get extremely expensive. Furthermore, most real estate agents don’t actually do anything to make a sale happen. They serve more as transaction facilitators – and is that worth several thousand to you when still have plenty of work to handle yourself?

Sell Directly to a Home Buyer

Instead of trying to find a real estate agent and listing your house on the open market, you can skip it completely by working directly with a home buyer. For transparency, home buyers are often investors who are looking to purchase your home for resale. However, this isn’t something that should deter you because they literally take all the hassle out of trying to sell your home. 

Selling directly to a home buyer allows you to receive your cash almost instantly. No more waiting for closing to finish! Even better, you can sell your house in any condition. Meaning that you won’t need to waste time with cleaning, inspections, or repairs!

If all you care about is receiving fast cash for your house, then a house buyer is undoubtedly the way to go! Even though the home will be resold, you’ll still receive a more-than-fair offer for your home that will make you feel great about making the sale!

The Most Reliable Way to Sell Your House Fast

When it comes to trying to sell your house today, you’re just not going to have a good time going about the usual route of selling. Not only is selling a house extremely trying on your patience, but it is also a bad time according to the housing market.

If you’re really committed to selling your house on the open market, then you’ll want to create mental and physical distance between you and your house. You need to rigorously clean every inch and carefully consider what smells might be present. You should also figure out the selling point of your home, be willing to negotiate with potential buyers, and think about not using a real estate agent at all!

The best tip you can ever use to sell your house fast is to avoid the usual routes of selling altogether and connect with an actual home buyer. If you have a home for sale in Indianapolis, Ben Buys Indy Houses wants it! Regardless of your home’s physical or financial condition, we can find value in any house and give that straight to you with a fast cash offer! We strive to be as transparent as possible, giving you every opportunity to make a fully informed decision. If you’re committed to selling your house today, give us a call and see what your home is worth!

7 Quick Tips on How to Sell My House Fast

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