What Happens When Your Renter Will Not Move Out

If you are a landlord for any amount of time, you are bound to experience some unpleasant dealings with tenants. As a landlord, you also know that when a tenant doesn’t pay rent on time (or at all), that money is coming right out of your pocket. When you have a tenant who refuses to move out, the situation can get ugly and expensive pretty quickly. Time is of the essence to get your rental property making money again. What happens when your renter does not move out? Read on for some great tips!

What happens when your renter will not move out

Know your rights

Find out what the laws are in your state for the eviction process. The last thing you want to do is something illegal. You don’t want to have charges pressed on you while still receiving no rent money. Do your research and follow the procedure fully so your tenant has no case against you. Eviction laws are generally stringent across the board since the situation is sensitive. The litigation process is quick compared to other issues but also requires a lot of the landlord since the tenant will end up with no place to live. Get advice from a local lawyer so that you follow the process correctly the first time and don’t have to start over part way through the process.

Keep your eyes on the prize (losing as little money as possible)

Depending on your history with this tenant, you may be tempted to do things out of spite. It is understandable to be upset when someone is blatantly disregarding what they promised to do, but after all, it is business. Don’t let your emotions rule you. Focus on what will get the tenant out the quickest way possible. Seek out a mediator to help you if you know you can’t handle communicating with the tenant. It is better to have someone speak for you than to lose your temper with your tenant.

Find good tenants

There might not be much you can do about it now, but keep in mind to always find good tenants. To put it simply, good tenants will cause you less trouble and money. If you look for good tenants from the beginning, you are less likely to have an issue with a tenant who won’t move out. Always be professional and kind to your tenants. This will help you keep communication lines open and decrease the chance of them doing damage out of spite. Granted, you may have some people who, no matter how great you are, will still do something stupid. But if you strive to communicate well and give them ample time to make arrangements, you have a better chance of a smooth move-out process.

Consider your options

Even though you may feel stuck, you do have a couple of options. You can pursue the legal eviction process, which usually takes several weeks, depending on your state and city. Consider the costs of the legal process — weigh out how much money you are losing on lost rent as well as litigation costs. If you find that you can’t afford to pursue the eviction process, you can try to settle the issue without any legal action.

Offering a “cash for keys” deal is a popular tactic among landlords. Offer your tenant cash for meeting your needs: turning in keys, cleaning up the property, and getting out by a certain time. Giving them cash may be a hard pill to swallow if you are already irritated with them, but compared to the cost of missed months of rent and court costs, you may actually save money with this strategy. The cash will also give them a way to put a deposit down for a new place to live. The quicker you get them out, the quicker you can clean the place up. Then, you can find a new tenant and start getting cash flow again. If relations between you and the tenant are too tense to meet in person, get a trusted friend to make sure all your requirements are met before the tenants get any cash.

Do not take matters into your own hands and use the following tactics, which are known as “self-help evictions”:

  • Harass the tenant or their family
  • Change the locks while the tenant isn’t home
  • Remove the tenant or their things from your property
  • Cut off water, gas, or electric

Even though it may be tempting and your tenant is destroying your property, it is still illegal to do these things.

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