What Ben Grise has been up to

What Ben Grise Has Been Up to

Hi! Ben Grise here, and just wanted to share what I have been up to lately. It has been a great spring in Indianapolis so far. I have been spending some quality time with my wife and our son, Nolan. We love getting out and enjoying our great city. One of the best things about Indianapolis is the wide variety of things to do and places to visit.

I have also been hard at work helping Indianapolis residents make the most money from the sale of their houses. I have had several clients lately dealing with divorce, rental properties, inheritance, or simply needing to sell their home as is. Check out these clients I have helped. If you find yourself in one of these situations, I can help you get cash for your home.

  • Inheritance
    Inheriting a home may or may not have been a surprise to you. Either way, the amount of money and time to keep up the home can be more than you can deal with. Going the route of a traditional sale is an unnecessary stress. I can make sure you get the cash you need quickly.
  • Widowed or divorced
    In a painful situation like the death of a spouse or divorce, selling to a cash home buyer is the best way to get you the money you need as quickly and painlessly as possible. The last thing you want to do is deal with the hassle of showing the home and waiting on a buyer. Or even making improvements to your home before selling.
  • Sell your home as is
    No matter whether a flood, storm, or wear over time has caused damage you can’t repair, I can buy your home as is! Moreover, you won’t have to make your home move-in ready to be able to get the money you need.
  • Quick sale
    Selling your home traditionally simply takes too long if your job requires you to relocate quickly or you have a sudden family illness that you must attend to. Selling to a cash home buyer will fit in your time frame much better! If you need to sell quickly to avoid foreclosure, contact our office today.
  • Rental property
    You may need to quickly unload a rental property that is no longer bringing you income. As a landlord, you know that time is money when it comes to maintaining a rental home with no renters. Selling to a cash home buyer will allow you to sell the home as is without costly improvements. Plus secure money much more quickly than a traditional home sale.

The benefit of selling your home for cash

When you come to me, I can guarantee that you will see the benefits of selling your home for cash. No matter the reason that you choose to sell, the process will be faster with no investment from you to fix issues with your home. We can finish the process in as little as 24 hours if you provide the information we need. We have been able to save clients who were just days away from foreclosure on their home. Another great thing about selling your home for cash is that you cut out the middleman (the realtor). That is because the middleman takes a percentage of your money right out of your pocket.

Why Ben stands above the rest

I am invested in my business and dedicated to making sure my clients get the money they deserve with no strings attached. That being said, my business is 100 percent accredited. That is a lot more than can be said for most other cash home buyers out there. Please watch out for other businesses that do not have your best interests at heart and are just out to make a buck. Here is how to spot a scam:

  • They pressure you into selling
    If the home buyer you are working with is trying to make you sell when you aren’t ready yet, drop them now! Stop your contact with them and reach out to our office today. I promise you we will give you a fair price with no pressure.
  • Verbal agreements
    If they say they will pay you a certain amount but won’t put it down in writing, you are dealing with a scam artist. It should be no problem for a legitimate cash home buyer to give you a written offer. If they don’t, it is a big red flag.
  • No free access to documents you sign
    You should have full access to read over every document that you sign. If the cash home buyer doesn’t give you a chance to read, then they are trying to hide something from you. If you feel unsure, do not sign! We always make sure that our clients are satisfied with our contracts.

I know that you have worked hard to get where you are in life, and you don’t need someone trying to take advantage of you during the sale of your home. I have helped many Indianapolis residents get the money that they deserve, and I would love to help you, too. My family depends on me and our business. As a result, I am dedicated to doing the best I can for every client.

How to Unload Your Home in As-Is Status

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