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If you are looking to sell a home in the Indianapolis area, you’ve probably noticed that the market is booming right now. It’s a great time to sell your home, whether to a new homeowner or to Indianapolis home buyers – though perhaps significantly harder to find a new one, with bidding wars and inflated prices. Depending on the condition and location of your home, you may be one of the lucky ones who sells your home quickly, easily and for a fantastic price.

But if you own an older, more run-down home or find that your location is just outside of the hot spots, you may be struggling a bit more to sell, despite others’ success. If you find yourself watching as other homes fly on and off the market, while yours doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, you may want to consider some other options for selling your house.

Difficulty selling to Indianapolis Home Buyers?

Whether you are simply trying to move, facing foreclosure, have an older home you inherited from a loved one, have recently gone through a divorce or are short on time due to a relocation, we can help. There can be a lot of factors that keep a home from selling. Trulia offers a list of eight reasons why your home may not be selling, even on a seller’s market. It can be anything from poor curb appeal to outdated interiors, from major remodeling needed to a strange smell.

Realtors have a lot of thoughts and opinions on why homes don’t sell in a seller’s market. If you’re interested in persevering, consider these potential causes for your languishing sales:

– Your home is priced too high.

A lot of times, homeowners will assume that on a seller’s market, they can price higher and still sell. While this is sometimes the case, you still have to be reasonable and realistic. If your home is older or needs any remodeling or repairs, you can’t up-charge just because the market is good.

– Your home’s advertisement photographs are bad.

A picture’s worth a thousand words – and that holds especially true for real estate listings! Poorly lit or grainy photographs don’t show off your home. Clutter or messes on the counter tops or in corners will be a turnoff for potential viewers, too. If you aren’t confident in your photography capabilities, consider hiring a professional to take some wide-angled and well-lit shots of your home.

– You’ve made it too hard for viewers to see your home.

If you’ve been too restrictive in the hours or days that you’re available for viewers to tour your home, this can cause major setbacks in selling a house. If you’re listed with a realtor and find that they are often unavailable to answer questions or their phone, this may also be losing you viewers. Try making your schedule more flexible or open – or host an open-house event – to bring in more viewers.

– Your house smells strange.

This may not be your doing. We become desensitized to the smells of our home, and may not notice that the air is stale or musty. Before a showing of your home, try opening your windows to let in fresh air, baking a batch of cookies, lighting a candle or simmering a potpourri pot on the stove. The kitchen in particular tends to harbor a lot of smells, so try to freshen it up. Just be sure not to overdo it with air fresheners or scents, since that can become unpleasant.

If you’ve been trying at this for a while now and are ready to just get your home sold – or if you’re facing a time crunch from relocation or foreclosure – then you still have options! Ben Buys Indy Houses is ready and willing to offer you a fair price for your home, paid in cash. Ben will purchase your home in “as-is” condition, no need for you to pay for or delay the sale due to modifications or repairs. Even in the best of markets, it can be hard to sell a house – which is why we’re here for you! Contact us today to start the process. We’ll connect with you and get some basic information about your house, then go from there with an offer and the paperwork needed to get it all finished.


Don’t feel like you’re pinned down with a house that just refuses to sell! Ben Buys Indy Houses is happy to help you out and get you on to the next stage of your life. With fair, quick and easy sales – you could have your house sold in one week! – we’re the most respected and reputable cash home buyer in the Indianapolis area. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

Sell House As Is: the Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Know

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