Sell My House Fast for Cash – It’s Much Easier than You Think!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have your home’s value in cash? Sure, but selling a house is difficult and expensive – right? Wrong! If you’re trying to sell your house with a realtor, then you shouldn’t be surprised by a long sale time. People, their preferences, and the way homes can be purchased have expanded. So the way you sell your house will need to adapt to it! This article will tell you just how quick and easy it is to get cash for your Indianapolis house!

Selling a House Usually Takes Weeks or Months

If you’ve never gone through the process of selling or buying a house, then there’s no surprise if you don’t know much about it. Imagine trying to make an exotic food dish you’ve never tasted before – how would you know where to start? One thing you probably do know about selling a house is that it takes a long time.

If you have an old phone or video game lying around that you want to sell, it’s pretty easy to pull up a website and list your item for sale online. A buyer can view your listing and purchase the item if they like. When it comes to something significantly bigger and more expensive, like a house, a need for a sophisticated way to buy surfaces. 

With so much money being exchanged, buyers will be filled with hesitation and trepidation. Committing to buying a house is a huge ordeal that most people honestly won’t make in their lifetimes. This means that any time you do might make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So there’s no wonder a potential buyer would take their time to make sure everything is perfect.

As a seller, this can be quite frustrating because you’re interested in unloading the house. Any delay from a potential buyer means more time you’ll have to wait before the whole process is finished. That means extra days or weeks of stress and frustration until you finally come to an agreement. When you consider the selling process from start to finish, it can easily take weeks or months to find a suitable buyer. 

How Does the Selling Process Work?

If something takes months to complete, it surely must have a lot of work required right? You’ve got that right! Even if you hire a realtor (which probably isn’t worth it), you’re still looking at a boatload of paperwork, negotiations, inspections, and repairs to get through. There are definitely a lot of tasks to complete during the selling process. So it can be easy to feel overwhelmed!

Here’s how a typical house sale timeline looks:

  • Select an Agent – First, you’ll interview real estate agents and select one to represent your house.
  • Evaluate Worth – With the help of an agent, you’ll determine what your house is worth.
  • Complete Inspection & Repairs – Then you’ll figure out what’s wrong with the house and take care of any repairs you choose to complete.
  • House Showings – Once the house is fixed up, you and/or your realtor will show off the house.
  • Offers & Negotiations – When a buyer likes your house, they’ll submit an offer, and you’ll start negotiations.
  • Open Escrow – After you agree to an offer, your agent will open escrow and start the process of switching your title.
  • Buyer Inspection & Appraisal – Before a buyer fully commits to buying, they’ll have their own inspector and appraiser look at the house. This often results in contingencies that hold up the finalization of the sale.
  • Renegotiate Contingencies – To complete the sale, you’ll need to satisfy a buyer’s requests or negotiate a different solution.
  • Sign Title – Once all contingencies are satisfied, you can sign over the title and give them the keys.

Traditional House Selling Methods Are Outdated

As you can see, there are several steps in the house-selling process. Not all of them take up the same amount of time. But there are definitely certain bottlenecks that cause delays. One of the most important ones you should address is how you choose to sell your house. Most homeowners have used a real estate agent to purchase their home. But that isn’t the only way to sell a house.

With evolving technology comes the need for instant satisfaction. Even just a decade or two ago, when people needed to purchase new clothing, they would have to drive to a department store and try them on to see what they’d like. Nowadays, you can literally scan through millions of clothes online and conveniently order them in your size. Not only that, but you can have them shipped right to your door in just a few days.

You’re never going to ship a house (although some people do move entire houses), but this notion does illustrate that there’s an easier way to sell your house. Real estate agents may have been the accepted way of the past, but it’s now 2019, and you have the ability to sell your house for fast cash if you genuinely want to. If you’ve ever noticed signs on street corners that read: sell my house fast for cash, then you’re just one step away from a quick sale!

A Modern Solution for Instant Satisfaction

Now that you know how much busywork selling a house entails, there’s no good reason to endure the hassle if you just want fast cash now! Selecting a realtor and going through inspections, appraisals, repairs, and negotiations were once a necessary evil of selling your house, but now you can choose to sell directly to a local Indianapolis home buyer for a much simpler solution.

Selling your house to a buyer like us at Ben Buys Indy Houses is the best way to get a fair value for your old home. Whether you’re looking to sell fast because of financial strain or a new job, we’ll give you an excellent offer that will put your mind at ease. Let us handle your old house and enjoy your fast cash! To get yourself one step closer to genuine cash for your Indy home, get in contact with us today for an offer that you just can’t refuse!

Sell My House Fast for Cash - It’s Much Easier than You Think!

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