Red Flags for Home Buyers

Home buyers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to making a purchase. Buyers are often on the lookout for red flags for home buyers that will stop them from making an unwise decision. If you are in the market to buy a new home, have a keen eye and look for these red flags. Those will tell you whether or not a house is a good one to buy.

Red Flags for Home Buyers

Wafting Aromas

An old real estate trick is to entice prospective buyers with comforting aromas that people often associate with home. Cookies baking in the oven and fresh flowers are among the most popular scents that can attract you when you first walk into a home you are looking to buy. But do not get too taken in by these wafting aromas. Often, these scents are there for no other reason than to mask an offensive odor that is also present. As a general rule, the more aggressive the pleasant scent is, the more offensive the hidden odor is.

Also, if you do not immediately detect the pleasant aroma of cookies or flowers, take a look around for plug-ins, wax warmers, and candles. Those can also be used to mask bad odors. As you walk through the house, take a deep whiff in every room and inspect the walls and ceiling for signs of pet stains, mildew, or smoke.

Poor Tiling

Take a close look at the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom when you look at a house you are interested in buying. Tiles that have gaps or that are uneven are signs that it was a DIY job. This could be concerning, especially if the house was flipped. Tiles that look like they were laid haphazardly can also be a sign that there were other fixes to the house that were also done hastily. Down the road, that can mean a new homeowner will need to spend lots of money to fix or redo a shoddy job.

Foundation Issues

Foundations on most houses have small cracks that are the result of a house settling into position. But, if a house has large gaps in the foundation, then there may be bigger issues at play. If you suspect that the cracks in the foundation are problematic, look for sticking doors and windows. Also, look for visible cracks above window frames and uneven floors. These issues can complete the story that tells you that the house is not worth investing in.

Evidence of the Lack of Maintenance

As you walk through a house, keep an eye out for signs that the last owner neglected routine home maintenance. Signs such as burned-out light bulbs, unmowed grass, leaky faucets, and faded paint can all be indications that the seller ignored ongoing home maintenance tasks. This can result in problems for a new owner.


Dealing with mold can be an ongoing problem that is difficult to combat. So, you want to make sure you are not starting out with any in your new home. To check for signs of mold, discreetly open the sink cabinets in the bathroom and take a look around the water pipes and drains. Check for small black or gray spots, as even small ones are signs of a potentially larger issue. You should also check the caulking around the faucets and tubs as well as patches on the ceiling. If you find any signs of mold in a house, that one is not for you.

Inadequate Drainage Areas

If a home does not have a good drainage system around its exterior, it can quickly lead to water intrusion in basements, garages, and crawl spaces. Once the water gets inside the house, the foundation can be compromised. Plus the chances of developing mold increase.

Poor Heating and Cooling Systems

The HVAC system of a house gets lots of use year-round. Although these systems are designed to last for many years, they do not last forever. If you are looking at an older home, do not forget to check out the heating and cooling systems to see what kind of condition they are in. If they are old and in poor condition, they will likely need costly repairs. Further, these systems can also emit carbon monoxide fumes, which are harmful to your family. If you are dead, set on the house, and do not want to be deterred by an old HVAC system, be prepared to purchase a new and more efficient model almost immediately upon moving in.

Other Red Flags for Home Buyers to Look for
These issues are not the only red flags to be on the lookout for. When you are looking for a new home, keep an eye out for these issues as well:

  • Roof problems.
  • Storm damage.
  • Loose or missing handrails.
  • Bad plumbing.
  • Bad ventilation.
  • Cosmetic enhancements,
  • Water damage.
  • Lopsided window frames.

If you are trying to sell your house and see its condition in these red flags, your best bet is to contact Ben Buys Indy Houses. We will buy your house for cash, no matter what condition it is in. So, if you are worried about being able to sell your home, give us a call and stop worrying about it today.

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