Quick and Easy Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value

Homeowners preparing to sell their homes often struggle with the dilemma of whether or not to renovate their house prior to selling. However, there are several quick and easy updates to increase your home’s value that you can make! These options are lower cost for you, but will boost the curb appeal and sale price of your home. Take a look at the best updates that the team at Ben Buys Indy Houses has compiled!

Quick and Easy Updates

Remodeling a house can be a huge project – and if you’re about to sell, you probably don’t want to invest time and money into heavy-duty alterations. Here are some ideas for easier and fast repairs and remodeling you can do.

Kitchen Updates

Any kitchen update – even small ones – can really add up when you’re looking to raise the value of your home. Replacing cabinet and drawer knobs and handles, an old microwave with a newer model or updating the backsplash with a quick DIY can all freshen up the look of your kitchen. Stains on your cabinets or grimy stove burners? Do some deep cleaning, add a fresh coat of paint.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures – even just light bulbs – are another quick way to update the look of your home. If you have outdated lighting fixtures and/or fans, consider replacing them. They don’t have to be the most expensive option, but it can significantly impact the feel of your home. Metal light fixtures could even be repainted to save even more money! Replace light bulbs with ones that mimic natural light or energy-efficient ones. Purchase a few lamps and strategically use them when showing the house to create ambiance.


Plant some flowers, succulents and trees. Do a thorough manicuring of your lawn, or hire a lawn service to come in and do it. Freshen up the mulch in flowerbeds, trim back shrubs and pull weeds. Your yard is one of the first things that a potential buyer will see – and a well-kept yard can enhance the front of your home greatly! Make sure to purchase plants that are low-maintenance, good for your climate and are colorful.

Paint Walls

We all know how much of an impact a fresh coat of paint can have. Choose a soft, neutral color to allow buyers to see the space as a blank canvas. Perhaps use an accent wall to give a pop of color. Don’t neglect trim, baseboards, doorframes and window frames when painting – scratches, dust, stains and dings can add up. Always be sure to wipe down walls before you begin painting, since dust and grease can accumulate.

Paint Front Door & Shutters

While you’re at it, give your front door a makeover. Bright, welcoming colors are popular for front doors. It will increase your curb appeal and raise your home’s value at the same time. If you plan ahead, this can be an easy weekend project. Go ahead and consider replacing hinges, knobs and knockers that are rusted or discolored from the weather. Freshen up exterior trim, window frames and shutters as well. Make sure that whatever paint you use is meant for outside use!

Hire an Inspector

There are a lot of hidden problems that our homes can have. It’s worthwhile to spend a bit of money to have an inspector give your home a thorough exam before you have buyers parading through. They can catch things that are easy fixes as well as let you know if there are any larger problems you’ll need to renovate or make buyers aware of.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings – that bumpy, stubbled pattern on the ceiling – are no longer popular. As long as your ceiling’s material doesn’t contain asbestos, this is a DIY project you can tackle. Sanding down the ceiling and repainting or resurfacing it is a great way to bring an older home into the modern style. (Read more about methods to replace popcorn ceilings here.)

Maintenance & Repairs

Aside from paint and surface changes, another way to raise the selling price of your home is to go through it with a critical eye and address general maintenance. There are plenty of things that we tend to ignore in our own homes that buyers will find off-putting. Dripping faucet? Loose toilet handle? Missing knobs on your kitchen cabinet? Wobbly shelf in the linen closet? Mini Blinds that are caught and won’t lower all the way? Do everything you can to brighten up, repair and tweak your home to look new!

We hope these tips are helpful for you! If you’d like to learn more about selling your Indianapolis home in as-is conditioncontact Ben Buys Indy Houses today. We’d love to talk with you and help you find out if our services are a good solution for you.

Quick and Easy Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value

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