Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, usually shortened to IMPD, is the professional law enforcement agency for the metropolitan area of Indianapolis, Indiana. The jurisdiction of the department ranges throughout Marion County, except near the airport, which has its own police department. In addition, Lawrence, Beech Grove, Speedway, and Southport all have their own police departments.

The department was founded in 2007 when the Marion County Sheriff’s Office consolidated with the Indianapolis Police Department. The agency was originally headed by the elected Sheriff of Marion County. In 2008, the mayor of Indianapolis assumed direct control of the department. Now, the department is considered a part of the Department of Public Safety. The mayor of Indianapolis is responsible for appointing the Director of Public Safety. Then, it is this director who is responsible for appointing the chief of police of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Cooperation Between Departments

The local police department also works closely with a lot of neighboring law enforcement agencies to ensure any coordinated efforts are handled appropriately. For example, the department regularly coordinates with the airport, Beech Grove, Southport, and Lawrence to confirm law enforcement is handled appropriately and consistently across all jurisdictions.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is divided into six separate service districts. Each of these service districts has its own chain of command. Even though the districts are closely coordinated with each other to ensure issues throughout the city are handled appropriately, these service districts are divided to make it easier to protect and serve the metropolitan area of Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is regularly reviewed by a local city government to be sure it is working effectively. In addition, the police department also collects feedback from local citizens on what it can do better to protect the city and preserve strong relationships with the individuals and families who live in the area. The department is an important part of emergency services available throughout the greater Indianapolis area.

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