SENSE Charter School

SENSE Charter School is one of many charter schools located in Indianapolis. The word SENSE stands for Southeast Neighborhood School of Excellence. This is a local school driven by the community to nurture civic responsibility, social development, and academic excellence in every student. The goal of the school is to build a strong foundation for living and learning. That way, students can be set up for success in the future. The teachers strive to instill a thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for learning in every student that will carry them forward for the rest of their life.

Academic Core Classes at the SENSE Charter School

The academics at SENSE Charter School are designed to be rigorous. Every student is pushed to develop a strong love of learning in all core areas. In addition, the classes are evaluated regularly to ensure they meet or exceed the needs of every individual student. The staff at this school also collects input from parents to be sure they are happy with the classes offered. The classes at this school have been specifically designed to guarantee they set students up for success in the future. This includes not only traditional learning but also field trips, team-based learning, and hands-on activities.

Athletics at the School 

SENSE Charter School focuses on giving students access to a complete education that includes not only traditional classes but also an array of athletic opportunities as well. Athletics at this school are divided into fall, winter, and spring sports. In addition, the school offers a variety of sports for boys and girls, providing students with opportunities to learn about teamwork, perseverance, time management, and discipline.

SENSE Charter School competes against other charter schools in the area. Sports are divided into different levels based on the sizes of the schools. The seasons generally last for a few months, with practices regularly either before or after school. Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in sports to create a well-rounded education. Students also get to participate in PE during the school day.

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