How to Get a Tenant to Move

You’ve dreamt of having a rental property, and now you have it. But with all the perks of being a landlord, you have drawbacks to deal with too. One of the most difficult drawbacks is determining how to get a renter to move out. After all, it can’t all be bubbles and moon pies, or everyone would be a landlord.

Ben Buys Indy Houses wants to help you find ways to get your tenant to move out before you have to take it to eviction. Evictions are time-consuming and can be costly. So the quickest and easiest method to getting a renter out is in your best interest.

How to Get a Renter to Move Out

Know the Eviction Laws
Eviction laws vary from state to state. So you need to make yourself familiar with the process for your state. Having this knowledge will help you when you write your lease agreements. This will allow both parties to understand that the document is authoritative.

Contact your lawyer for proper guidance on writing contracts and agreements. You should also make yourself familiar with the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (URLTA) and whether your state has adopted this Act.

Incentives for Your Tenant
Probably the easiest way to get a renter to move out is to offer them an incentive – cash always works. This may not be the method you prefer, but it is very effective. I liken it to a big corporation making a settlement rather than spending large amounts of money in court. Not to mention the time and aggravation a legal matter brings.

You simply explain to your tenants what problems are involved with them living on your property and that they are no longer welcome to live there. Explain, calmly, the violations in detail and inform them that an eviction is imminent. Be sure to inform the renter that any damages caused by them will be owed as well and that it will result in a legal case.

Once you have all of that information laid out, make them an offer to get out of this situation in a way that doesn’t involve law enforcement or the courts. Remind them that you have every right to keep the deposit that they paid to move in. But you are asking them to leave by a certain date and will refund their deposit back to them. As well as forgive the damages incurred.

Provide Assistance
Perhaps your tenant will be more open to moving if you lean on their softer side by offering to help them. Many times, this is all it takes to have a clean break with a tenant. Your assistance could be in the form of providing a moving truck at no cost to them. If their problems are more along the lines of behavior and less about paying on time, offer to keep their credit intact.

Perhaps you have contacts with other properties in the area that are available that you can provide to them. By this point, most tenants are aware that they aren’t the ideal tenant. However, approaching them with a positive attitude and offering assistance will make them feel less embarrassed about being asked to leave.

Communication is Key (literally)
Most tenants don’t like confrontations and prefer to be on good terms with their landlords. When they have violated the rules enough that they need to be asked to leave, communication can make all the difference in the world in how they react.

Make sure you are clear as to why they have to leave so that there is no room for misunderstanding, which can lead to forced eviction processes. Sometimes communicating with the renter will bring forth an opportunity to make new arrangements for them to stay. Take steps to understand their situation and try to come to an amicable agreement.

Avoiding Future Issues
While you will likely experience unsavory tenants at one time or another, clearly outlining what your expectations are of incoming tenants will help you avoid problems down the road.

Your contract should include these expectations including, but not limited to them:

  • Noise levels
  • Appropriate laundry times
  • How to handle issues with neighbors
  • Rules for pets
  • The due date for rent payments and how to pay
  • Guidelines on guests
  • Parking guidelines

Make sure your contract also includes what to expect if your rules are broken and be sure to keep open lines of communication with your tenants at all times. The Illinois Legal Aid Online has information about eviction notices.

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Tips on How to Get a Renter to Move Out of Your Rental Property

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