DIY Home Updates

Is your house in need of an upgrade or two? Sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for hiring a professional to make those upgrades happen. Here are 14 DIY Home Updates you can do, yourself, in under a week!

DIY Home Updates


Doors, especially front doors, make a statement about a home. Update your house by replacing or painting your door. Add character by updating the door knobs or the door knocker. You can also update the address numbers. Pinterest has many great ideas on how to make your house numbers stand out.


There are quite a few updates you can do to make your walls stand out. The easiest update you can make is to paint them. Here are some great tips on how to paint your home. For an added bit of interest, add chair railing to your walls and paint the wall above a more vibrant color or add a pattern. Wallpaper is another great option to brighten up your wall space. You can use it as an accent wall or fill a room, floor to ceiling, with its striking pattern.

Light and Electrical Plates

This is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to update your space. Take those old, yellowed plate covers and replace them with fresh white ones. You can also opt for decorative plate covers. There are outlet covers with LET nightlights even included!

Create a Pass Through

Pass through walls are great for small spaces. It can help brighten up an area as well as make it feel larger than it really is. Here’s a great video tutorial on how to build a pass through wall.


There are many ways to update the cabinets in your kitchen. The easiest way is to paint them. You can also remove the doors and create an open storage concept. Add under-cabinet puck lighting for extra convenience and crown molding for a touch of sophistication.

Ceiling Fans

Update your space with new ceiling fans. They can be installed in under an hour and can add character to your space. They are also energy efficient! They are many options from standard ceiling fans to more modern or antique designs.


Update your stairs by removing the carpet. You might be surprised by what you find under that old carpet shag. You can also paint the railing and spindles. If your stairs are in desperate need of an update, you can easily replace the spindles with more current styles.


Updating your flooring can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. Although you probably want to leave carpet replacement to the professionals, laying wood laminate floors has become a very simple weekend project. Just make sure you have the right tools and measure everything!

Kitchen Backsplash

To improve the look of your kitchen, you can replace your backsplash with new tiles. If your funds are low, you can paint your backsplash or use contact paper to update the look.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures do more than create more light; they make a statement. Update your home with light fixtures that represent the personality of your home.

Sliding doors

The open house concept is still quite popular. There are times, however, when you need a little more privacy. Solve this problem by installing sliding doors. Choose between rustic barn doors or minimalist frosted glass and everything in between. Simply purchase a kit online or locally and you’ll have sliding doors in under a week!

Sink and Sink Fixtures

Sometimes what your bathroom needs is a new vanity. Within a couple hours, you can have a brand new bathroom! If you are happy with your vanity but are struggling with your faucets, replace them. Go from gold to silver or silver to brass. Just a little update can go a long way!


Take your mirrors from drab to fab by framing them out. If there’s no hope for your vanity mirrors, simply replace them with new mirrors. You don’t have to use bathroom mirrors, either. Look at home decor stores and find two matching mirrors. You can create a His and Her mirror look in your bathrooms.


Give your home a facelift by painting your furniture to match. Your once eclectic collection can look purposeful and stunning with a fresh coat of paint and a little rearranging.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you may feel that updates are a “must” to get a fair price. In most situations that would be true. However, at Ben Buys Indy Houses, we’ll purchase your home in AS-IS condition. Ben is an accredited buyer in the Indianapolis area. He works to make the home-buying process as simple and quick as possible. Save money and time when you contact us.

DIY home updates

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