Curb Appeal In The Spring

As the weather is starting to finally improve, the housing market is as well. Home sellers are now looking for ways to enhance curb appeal in the spring, as a result. After a long, cold winter, “for sale” signs have appeared as frequently as fresh, green grass.

With more homes for sale, you have more competition in your neighborhood. A sale in another part of town could be a missed opportunity for you to sell your own house. For more home buyers to consider buying your home, you will need some curb appeal. You do not necessarily need to remodel your whole house to make it sell, but since it is now spring, you now need to update the look of your home so that it looks like it hasn’t dealt with the extreme effects of the winter season over the past few months.

Here are some suggestions to help sell your home with some curb appeal in the spring.

De-decorate the front door.

The first thing that home buyers approach when they inspect a home for sale is the front door. It leaves a positive first impression when the door looks brand new and is free from any contaminants. Also, if you have a front door that has a scratch, cut or mark on it, buy a new door to put in its place.

What you should do is clean the door of any dirt, grime and other debris so that it does not show any bad things to come for home buyers who have to go through it. It is important that there is no dirt on or around this door, doorway and porch.

But do not just stop there. Your door should not only look clean, but have some appeal to it. If you prefer to leave a door white or the same color as it is currently, that is okay. The color, however, fades over time, due to the elements of weather. This is where a fresh coat of paint would be highly necessary. You can also choose to decorate your door with a wreath, or give it an add on, such as a door knocker. This will add more appeal to your entranceway.

If your doorbell doesn’t ring, make sure that it does, either with repairing your existing bell or buying a new one. Home buyers may test it out, and if it doesn’t work, they won’t feel pleased if they have to buy a new bell themselves.

Maintain your grass and flower beds.

As the snow is melting, it is now time to work on your lawn to make sure that it stays green and healthy. Because home buyers do not see the appeal in a home with a dying lawn, they would not want to take the effort to revive the lawn on their own.

**Grass often comes back patchy after winter is over, so you should dedicate some time to reseed or add sod to it so that you have a full lawn full of healthy grass. Buy new flowers and plants for your flower bed and plant them to give your yard a more appealing look. It is also necessary to add a natural mulch to help the soil maintain moisture and make your flower bed look professionally landscaped.

Add greenery along your driveway or sidewalk.

Keep in mind that it is called “curb appeal” for a reason. Rather than just planting new greenery along your home or porch, you can also plant flowers and hedges on the outer boundaries of your property. Extra color and foliage will make for more depth, making your yard appear larger than it actually is. This foliage can be planted along your driveway, sidewalk, or other areas where home buyers might walk. It also helps to add additional decorations like lawn props, lanterns, light posts, or other interesting features to add to your yard.

Clean windows and siding.

After a year of rough weather, windows and siding get rather dirty, to say the least. Windows and panels make it easy to trap grime and dirt, and this is not a good look for your home by any means. To effectively clean your windows and siding of irregularities, buy or rent a pressure washer that will simply blast all dirty away. For the most luster, it is important to clean windows from the inside as well.

Those were just four ways that you can give appeal to your home for sale this spring. After making your home look like brand new again, you are sure to attract many more home buyers and get a deal done much faster than usual.

You can find more tips on how to buy and sell homes at Ben Buys Indy Houses. We will aim to get your house sold as soon as possible and eliminate the middleman. Contact Ben Buys Indy Houses for a free consultation today.

curb appeal in the spring

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