20 Questions to Ask Your Realtor

A realtor can make the home selling process a bit smoother but how do you know you’ve got the right Realtor for you? Here are 20 questions to ask a real estate agent to be sure you are making the most beneficial choice!

20 Questions to Ask A Real Estate Agent

Is real estate a hobby or your full-time work?

It’s good to know whether this is a side gig or their full-time work. Full-time Realtors have their focus completely on real estate whereas a hobbyist is working when they have time. You want someone who is completely focused on selling your house.

How long have you been in real estate?

It’s wise to have someone with more years of experience. It’s not impossible for a Realtor with less experience to sell your house but a veteran Realtor has more know-how, connections, and a track record of successful house sales.

What is your training?

Ask for licensing. This is not the time to trust your best friend with the sale of your home.

What’s your marketing strategy?

You’ll want a Realtor who has a plan beyond scheduling an open house and placing your listing on the MLS site. Ask about their social strategy. Social media is an excellent way to get eyes on your house quickly.

What is your price to sell my home?

There’s a traditionally understood 3% commission for each Realtor involved in the sale of a home, but oftentimes Realtor may have additional fees or require a higher commission. You want to make sure there are no hidden costs. Ask for a breakdown of all fees so there are no surprises at closing.

How will we communicate? Will we speak with you directly or someone else?

You’ll want to understand their communication style. Will they text or call? Will all communication be handled through email? Does the Realtor have a secretary who handles all communication? Understanding their methods will help you know what to expect through the selling process.

Why type of market are we in? A buyers market or a seller’s market?

This is a really important question to ask. Understanding whether selling your house is going to be difficult or relatively easy can really help you mentally prepare for a whirlwind closing or a long-drawn-out process.

Can you tell me about your best closing?

This is a great opportunity to learn a little more about the style of your Realtor. Be sure to ask follow up questions like: What do you think made this house sell so quickly?

Can you tell me about your worst nightmare closing?

You can also learn about your Realtor through how they describe their less than stellar experiences in realty. Follow up with: What did you learn through that process?

Will you help us stage the home?

This is great information to know. Staging a home is difficult. If you can count on assistance from your Realtor that is one less area for which to be concerned.

How long is this going to take?

You want the truth. Selling a home can be an incredibly emotional and sometimes manic process. Ask for a timeline of events.

Will you photograph my home?

Photography can really sell a home. You want professional pictures that show your home in the best light.

How many homes did you sell this year?

If he’s only sold 2 houses in 6 months, you may want to find a different Realtor.

What is the average time frame your homes are on the market?

This is another great way to determine how long the process will take.

How do you determine list price?

An experienced Realtor will have to do research and have comparable listings in the area from which to base their list price. If they don’t have a process, how do you know that the price they are suggesting is reasonable?

Can you give me references or client testimonials I can read or view?

You can learn a lot about the style and personality of a Realtor through previous clients.

How close to “asking price” do you average?

If they average 10,000 below asking price, you can mentally prepare to sell your home for 10,000 below asking price. If they sell your house for more, you can celebrate. However, you have a realistic ballpark estimate to help as you budget for your move.

What kind of repairs and updates do you suggest before we list?

A good Realtor will know what repairs and upgrades will sell the home and what areas are not necessary.

What is your typical process for selling a home?

Ask them to walk you through, step by step, what it looks like to sell a home. Ask about listings, showings, inspections, and closings.

Is it a good time to sell my home?

You want a Realtor who will be honest with you. There are seasons when it would be wise to delay listing your home. Ask her to be upfront with you.

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20 Questions to Ask Your Realtor

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