10 Things You Should Do Before a Showing

Showing your house to potential buyers is one of the biggest steps you as a homeowner can make when trying to sell. Preparing for a showing can help your home make the best first impression on buyers – so here are 10 things to do before a house showing. Most of these are quick and easy, intended so that you can do many of them even before last-minute showings. Let’s take a look!

10 Things to Do Before a House Showing

1. Declutter Everything

The first thing to do when preparing for any house showing is to declutter your whole space. This includes closets, bookshelves and any other storage areas. If you have children, make sure that toys and belongings are out of sight. One simple way to gather and hide clutter at the last minute is by having a few bins or baskets that can slip into closets or onto the bottom shelf of bookcases. Have bulkier items that need to hide? Store them in your car’s trunk.

2. Bake Cookies

This is an old trick – bake cookies or bread (even if it’s as simple as a pack of frozen cookie dough or a take-and-bake pan of rolls) to fill your house with a pleasant, warm smell. Room deodorizers can be overpowering or trigger allergies for some guests, while things like baking cookies or a soft-scented candle can refresh the air without feeling like you’re hiding something. Another option is to put together a simmer pot of potpourri ingredients like these.

3. Turn on the Lights

Ceiling lights and lamps all should be on before buyers arrive. You want the house to feel welcoming and bright, as well as make it easy for buyers to see everything. Shadowy, dim rooms can be a huge turn-off.

4. Open Curtains and Blinds

Pull back curtains and drapes and open blinds before buyers arrive – whether the showing is at daytime or during the evening. If the visit is during the day, this will help enhance the brightness and airiness of rooms. If it’s at night, open blinds can serve as a security measure – especially if you’re listing your home as FSBO.

5. Put Out Throw Pillows & Blankets

Make sofas, futons and chairs feel cozy with a fluffy throw blanket and pillow. This trick also works with beds – add a sham or throw pillow to up the cushiness of your master bedroom. However, there is a balance. Don’t overdo it, because then it will just start to feel cluttered.

6. Do a Quick Clean

Run a dusting rag over shelves and blinds. Sweep floors, especially kitchen ones. Wipe down bathroom fixtures and toilets. Use a towel to wipe out sinks. Any quick, easy cleaning you can do – do it. What you can do varies based on how much heads-up you have, but you be the judge.

7. Empty All Trash Cans

If you only have time to do one cleaning chore, it’s this: take out all trash. Trash, especially bathroom and kitchen trash, can be full of nasty smells that linger in your home. Plus, it just looks neater. This includes emptying and clearing out any litter boxes you have in your home!

8. Stow Your Valuables

Before showing your home, have a secure place for valuables like electronics, jewelry and silverware. That may mean taking the items with you, asking to store them at the home of a friend or family member or even renting a storage unit. However, never leave them laying out where they can be easily accessed and stolen.

9. Set the Table

Set your dining room table with a nice, simple setting, including some fresh flowers or a centerpiece. Leave some chocolate (or some of those fresh cookies!) and water bottles out in the kitchen with a note for guests to take one. All in all, do your best to make your home feel welcoming and pleasant!

10. Final Touches

Here are a few more really quick things you can do to freshen up your house before a showing:

  • Replace all toilet paper rolls with fresh ones. Bonus points if you fold the end of the roll!
  • Put a fresh hand towel in all bathrooms.
  • Make sure the kitchen is neat and clean, with all dishes and food put away.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful! Ben Buys Indy Houses is an accredited cash home buyer for the Indianapolis region. If you want a fast and easy way to sell your Indianapolis home, condo, rental property, commercial property or other real estate, contact us! We buy properties in as-is condition, closing in a matter of days to have you walk out with cash!

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