10 Interior Designs You Should Try

You’ve put a lot of work into the exterior and bones of your home. Now it’s time to focus on the inside. Whether you are looking to sell or just need a house makeover, here are 10 interior design trends you should try.

10 Interior Design Trends You Should Try

Oversized Wall Art

Gallery walls are still pretty trendy, however, oversized wall art pieces are gaining in popularity. Be sure to choose art pieces that speak to you. Although it would be easier to pick up a canvas found at a commercial store, a more unique piece will add the character your home deserves. Dimension adds to the beauty, so aim for pieces with texture. Wallpaper is also a great way to create a statement in your home. Choose an accent wall in your living or dining room and have fun with the colors and patterns. Add solid colored shelves or a buffet for contrast.

Mixed Metallics

As you’re updating your sink and light fixtures, don’t be afraid to mix your metals. Shiny metals are out but hues of rose gold, copper, and brass are really popular right now. This means your mirror frame can be gold while your faucet fixtures are copper.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric designs are a great way to add interest to your home. Shop for a clock or mirror in the shape of an octagon. Re-do your backsplash using shapes and colors. The tile in your bathroom is a great place to experiment with unique designs. Not feeling so bold? You can add geometric depth with an art piece on the wall or throw pillows on the couch or your bed. The more diverse the shape, the greater the statement.


Plants and flowers naturally add beauty to a home. Take a trip to your local plant nursery and choose plants that have unique patterns or designs. If you lack a green thumb, you can use greenery in your art and accents to add a little life to your decor. This could be an art piece on the wall or a patterned design on your pillows or even your curtains.

Throwback Furniture

Good news, if you haven’t updated since the 70’s, you may not have to do anything. Items like fringe, velvet, and animal prints are making a comeback. A little thrift shopping combined with a modern twist can be a great way to embrace the latest trends without breaking the bank.

Coffee Bars and Tea Carts

Speaking of furniture, tea carts are quite popular currently. Use them for serving coffee, tea, or alcohol or place them beside the guest bed as a night stand. They can be used as foyer tables or placed in a cozy nook with a stack of books and a lamp for reading. Gourmet coffee has turned into a DIY affair. Consider creating a coffee bar with all the supplies you need to make that dreamy cup of fancy “joe”.


If you’re replacing your floors, you might want to give the herringbone pattern a try. It’s a unique twist on the chevron pattern that can take ordinary tile and make the look of a room quite extraordinary. Check out these beautiful floors that are using the herringbone pattern. Rugs are a great way to add personality to a room as well. Instead of patterns use animal hide rugs as they are very popular right now.


Although chalk painted furniture has been quite fashionable the past few years, it appears that natural wood is having a comeback. The richness of natural or stained wood is a nice addition to any room. Use a large furniture piece like a buffet to anchor a room or choose picture frames made of pallet wood as accents.

Books, books, and more books

Books, in general, are timeless decorating pieces but bookshelves and libraries are emerging as a new interior must-have. Dust off those old bookshelves sitting in the garage and fill them with books. You can display art made out of books on your walls and stack books on your mantle and in cubbies for a cozy look.

Colorful Doors

Upon arriving to your home, the first thing your guests see is your front door. Try painting it a color that pops. Shades of blue are quite popular right now. It really does create excellent curb appeal. In addition to your exterior door, you can add interest with colorful interior doors. Be brave with your color choices!

There’s a lot of fun interior design ideas trending this year. The most important design rule, however, is to make it a home you love. For more visual inspiration, check out this video filled with beautiful images of homes influenced by Pantone’s Color Palettes for 2018! Let us know which interior designs you tried.

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10 Interior Designs You Should Try

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