Indianapolis Art Center

The Indianapolis Art Center is a major cultural center in Indianapolis, Indiana. This center was originally founded in 1934 as a project funded by the Works Project Administration. This administration was founded during the Great Depression in an effort to create jobs for people. The place itself is located close to the White River. Overall, the center is home to numerous art classes, studios, fine art exhibitions, and even a library with thousands of titles. The exhibits at the center rotate regularly, featuring more than 50 exhibits annually for the enjoyment of 3,000 members.

A Brief History of the Place

The Indianapolis Art Center was based on the Indianapolis Art League, which was founded by William Kaeser in 1934. This group would eventually become the Indianapolis Art Center, which was funded by the Roosevelt administration during the Great Depression. Shortly after this art center opened its doors, it started hosting art classes and adult education study groups. Although there was a major fire in 1958, the building was rebuilt in 1960. Shortly after that, the center received major financial gifts from nonprofit organizations in the area. This allowed the center to expand its exhibits and classes.

Exhibits at the Art Center Rotate Often

The Indianapolis Art Center held its first exhibit in 1937. Gradually, the exhibits began to grow. The art center now regularly hosts exhibits of art by some of the most renowned artists in the world. There are multiple main exhibition spaces at service anchors in the main gallery. The main gallery runs from the entrance to the rear exit. The center is a nonprofit with numerous staff members and volunteers who assist the director in making decisions regarding exhibits.

This art center also hosts traveling exhibits from some of the most prestigious art institutes in the world. For example, the center recently presented an exhibit titled “A Life in Art: Works by George Rickey.”

The exterior of the Indianapolis Art Center is also carefully manicured and features events regularly.

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