Indianapolis Junior Academy is a member of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The private religious school combines traditional studies with learning about Christ and the Christian faith for its pre-K, elementary, and middle school students.

Starting at the Indianapolis Junior Academy at 2910 E 62nd St. in Indianapolis, IN 46220, head east on E 62nd St. and turn south onto N Parker Ave. You will arrive at The Pop Machine, which is located on the right at 6180 N Parker Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

If you leave The Pop Machine and head north on N Parker Ave., go east on E 62nd Ave. and turn south onto N Tuxedo St., you will arrive at Indiana Conservation Development at 6170 N Tuxedo St., Indianapolis, IN 46220 on the right.

From Indiana Conservation Development, you can head north on N Tuxedo St. and turn east onto E 62nd St. Turn left onto N Olney St. and arrive at Holt Community House on the right at 6235 N Olney St. Indianapolis, IN 46220.

When you leave Holt Community House, head south on N Olney St. to E 61st St. and turn left. Head east to N Ewing St., where you turn south and arrive at Indy K-9 at 5940 N Ewing St., Indianapolis, IN 46220, on the left.

Leaving Indy K-9, you can head north on N Ewing St. and turn left on E 62nd St. You continue west on E 62nd, which becomes Broad Ripple Ave. after crossing N Keystone Ave. You will arrive at Ben Buys Indy Houses on the left at 1075 Broad Ripple Ave., #231, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

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