Edna Balz Lacy Park

Edna Balz Lacy Park is located on the corner of Greer and East Streets in the Fletcher Place neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The park was first established in 1917 as Greer Street Park, aptly named for its location. The city of Indianapolis rededicated the park in 1995 to honor Edna Balz Lacy. Beginning her career as a teacher in the Indianapolis Public School System in 1927, Ms. Balz Lacy later took over her father-in-law’s company. It was the US Corrugated-Fibre Box Company, following the death of both the company’s founder and her husband, Howard. J. Lacy II.

After taking over the company, Ms. Balz Lacy remained steadfast in her decision to keep the company in the family, rejecting buy-out offers from other companies. She also remained incredibly committed to the city of Indianapolis. Therefore, playing an active role in local groups until her death in 1991.

The Park Nowadays

The park sits on two acres in the Fletcher Place neighborhood. Though in the city and just a short distance from routes 65 and 70, the park is thought to be a place of calm for families and individuals to enjoy. Its amenities include a play set and jungle gym for children, a sand volleyball court, and four bocce courts.

Most notably, a gazebo painted green, red, and orange sits in the center of the park. Its colors are in honor of the park and the neighborhood’s Italian heritage at the time of its founding in 1917.

Within walking distance of the park include local establishments. Such as Pickled Pedaler, 12.05 Distillery & Tasting Room, Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery, and Domont Studio Gallery. Its close proximity to routes 65 and 70 makes Edna Balz Lacy Park easily accessible from nearly any part of the city.

This park should make for a relaxing afternoon for families and adults of all ages.

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