Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, which was once known as the Benjamin Harrison Home, is the former home of Benjamin Harrison. He was the 23rd President of the United States. Situated in the Old Northside Historic District of Indianapolis, Indiana, the home was built in the 1870s. The home had 16 rooms and a brick exterior. Throughout the years, it has been meticulously maintained, creating a beautiful historical exhibit for residents and visitors alike to learn about this important slice of United States history.

The house is also the location of Harrison’s famous Front Porch Campaign. During the 1888 campaign, he spoke to crowds from the front porch of his house, endearing himself to potential voters. Harrison renovated the house in 1896, adding electricity to it. He passed away on the second story of the house in 1901. Now, the house operates as a museum by the Benjamin Harrison Foundation.

Exhibits at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

More than a hundred years ago, there used to be fancy balls and dances at this house. Now, numerous rotating exhibits allow people to learn more about the former president. Some exhibits focus on historic fashions, while others focus on pets who lived in the home. Exhibits change from time to time, so everyone should come back often to learn more about the displayed artifacts and stories.

The museum foundation collaborates closely with local universities to display innovative exhibits. There are numerous opportunities to explore and learn about the life of the 23rd President of the United States, serving as a testament to history.

Seasonal and Holiday Events at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

Many events also occur from time to time, such as seasonal activities and holiday gatherings that allow visitors to experience 19th-century American history for themselves. One of the most popular options is called A Night at the Site, which offers scary stories from the past that carry even more weight when delivered in such an old house. Visitors also get to see the house at night and explore fun artifacts related to the spooky stories.

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