James A Garfield School 31 is a member of the Indianapolis public school system. James Garfield School is an elementary and middle school serving students grades K through 8. The school’s mission is to teach students to have a positive attitude, respect one another, and show self-control.

James Garfield School is named after former president James Garfield. He briefly served as President of the United States in 1881. The school offers a vegetable garden maintained by students throughout the year. The teachers and students have also implemented a peer mediation and restorative justice system to resolve disputes. Therefore, resulting in a significant decrease in out-of-school suspensions and an increase in quality learning. Students from the school also participate in the Food Recovery program, which provides food and drinks to those in need, making this one of the most generous Indianapolis schools in Indiana.

Starting from James A Garfield Schools 31, located at 307 Lincoln St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, head south on E Minnesota St, turn left onto Caven St, and turn right onto E Beecher St. Sexson Park will be located at 200 E Beecher St, Indianapolis, IN 46225.

From Sexson Park, head east on E Beecher St and turn left onto S East St. Two Chicks District Co will be on your right at 1531 S East St, Indianapolis, IN 46225.

Then from Two Chicks District Co, head south on S East St, turn left onto Lincoln St, turn left onto Leonard St, turn right onto Palmer St, and turn right onto Barth Ave. Sense Charter School will be on your left at 1601 Barth Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203.

Next, from Sense Charter School, take Palmer St to East St, turn right onto S East St, and continue onto Terrace Ave. Olympia Greek Cuisine will be at 215 Terrace Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225.

Finally, leaving Olympia Greek Cuisine, take E Alley 1500 S to Madison Ave. Then, follow S College Ave to Compton St in Washington Township. Continue on Compton St to Broad Ripple Ave. Ben Buys Indy Houses is located at 1075 Broad Ripple Ave #231, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

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